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Obviously, there are a ton of resources out there. Leave us a comment, or get in touch. Your email address will not be published. Thank you so much for providing this brand strategy information. For someone who is in a graduate program taking a marketing class for the very first time, my stress level has been at an all time high. Your explanation and step by step breakdown helped to relieve my stress and give me a better understanding of what I have to do.

You explained better than my professor and I am grateful. That makes us SO happy to hear, Pauline. We felt the same frustration, which is why we set out to simplify it for ourselves and our clients. Best of luck and less stress in your graduate program.

Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

Hi, thanks for this amazing content. I have one question though: How do you close the gap between your B2B and B2C messaging when your are selling to dealers only.

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The value proposition and benefits for a dealer of working with a company differ from those of the end consumer. Would you make have multiple value propositions for B2B and B2C or would you always focus on the end consumers benefits?

Best Practices for Reusable Bundles

Any help is greatly appreciated. Hi Stephan, good question. Your main value prop should be geared to your direct customers e. However, depending on your target segments, you can have one tailored to the end consumer as well. The most helpful addition to my swipe file in many a moon. Thanks for sharing such valuable insight, Katy. I cannot put it in words how helpful and insightful was this article for me to easily navigate through the complex brand strategy steps. Thank you for writing this Katy.

Good luck on your strategy!

Thank you for this. May all you do in the future be successful. I was stranded as I am embarking on this new journey of offering brand strategy in my agency. I am grateful, eternally so for giving me the guide. This is a fantastic article and step-by-step guide to building a brand strategy. Thank you so much for 1 putting it together and 2 sharing it. This is a fantastic resource, thank you so much for putting it together like this. A step-by-step guide to help any business be better. Hi Katy, great article.

Are you available for hire to help with a tagline? We have a two to three day timeframe in which to come up with something. Hi Michele, Sounds like you have a very tight turnaround, which may be a little tough to complete. First of all thanks for the effort, the guide is awesome! In this context, how to tackle 10 Brand Guidelines?

I see that part applying more to an existing brand. If 10 as it is is not applicable, what to do instead? Hi Nicola, Good question. Your brand guidelines are simply the final output of your branding work—a succinct way to describe who you are, how you talk about yourself, and how you present yourself visually. Ultimately, you want guidelines that are comprehensive enough to give content creators, designers, etc. Hope that helps! I love how Brand Guideline is not until 10 on the list.

I cannot agree more!! The actual assets are a by-product of brand strategy. Great info. This is incredibly well articulated, and something that has been top-of-mind lately.

Thanks for distilling this down and making it easy to understand. This article is all-encompassing and had me taking many screenshot reminders as I read through it. Thanks for the helpful exercises. I have been round and round trying to find something I can wrap my head around. This is super useful. Total Shares. What Is a Brand Strategy? How to Create a Brand Strategy Although having a documented brand strategy is so important and so beneficial, not every brand has one.

What is a social media policy?

It is useful to have a standard way of defining principles. They can be generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Scrum Australia, Melbourne. Should succinctly and unambiguously communicate the fundamental rule. And while it may be tempting to craft a press release that embellishes your company's accomplishments or twists the facts to make a story sound more intriguing to the media, remember: Press releases live in the public domain, which means your customers and prospective customers can see them.

Exercise 1: Market Research Identify how big the market is, what the opportunities are, and how these things are changing and expected to change over time. Exercise 2: Competitive Analysis Identify who the other players in your market are, and how they are similar or different from you. This should be easy to articulate.

How to Structure Compliance Policy Documents

Note: Include both happy and unhappy customers in this survey. You can also kill two birds with one stone by including these questions in your persona interviews. Future: The insights from your perception audit should help you identify opportunities to improve and articulate what you aspire to be. For example, h ere are some things we learned from our own perception audit internal and external : Past perception: Very affordable, youthful, doing new shit that somehow works. Present perception: Creative, strategic, fun to work with, reliable, affordable. Through trusting partnerships, we build and distribute powerful visual content that educates, engages, and inspires.

For example, this snippet of homepage copy on our website is inspired by our messaging architecture: Phase 3: Execution Once you know who you are and what your brand story is, the challenge is to effectively communicate it, particularly through marketing. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the best content marketing tips, tools, and resources.

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Follow Microsoft Facebook Twitter. But at minimum your policy might touch on the following:. Regardless, employees should know that they will be held responsible for what they say. And your official spokespeople are drilled to answer tough questions on the fly. But what about everyone else? How do they stay accountable to your organization? You may wish to advise your employees to post disclaimers stating their relationship with your organization, and that their opinions are their own. Meanwhile, Walmart asks that employees avoid engaging in conversations about Walmart entirely.

As a former Walmart employee, I can tell you this isn't at all a rare occurrence. Our store use to have a gentleman who would ride his scooter around all night eating whole rotisserie chickens and never paid for them. He was finally arrested after who knows how many chickens.

Use Process Street to manage your standard operating procedures

The most crucial consultation, of course, will be with your legal team. The nitty-gritty will inevitably change, and fast.

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Focus on the big picture. We highly recommend adding your policy to your employee handbook, so that new hires can read and enjoy!

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But where will existing employees access it? Will it live on your company intranet, or shared drives? Whether you announce it via internal email or at an all-hands meeting, make sure you leave plenty of room and opportunity for questions.