Embracing Life Again After the Death of a Spouse: Never Give Up... Just Be Smart...

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For a person to commit to this irreversible way of eating for the rest of his or her life requires careful evaluation and a determination that other means of weight loss are never going to succeed. But alas, people figure out how to cheat, and some weight gain occurs. But I think there should be some sort of financial penalty when people regain some of their weight. There should be a serious incentive to keep it off. Even if you had your stomach stapled and ran 26 miles a day, you cannot outrun insulin resistance which varies with genetics.

This simple fact being kept from most of us for the past 60 years is appalling. Every feedlot manager knows how to fatten animals! Umm, my PhD is in nutrition. Thanks for the lecture. I think you need to take a few more classes to broaden your understanding of biochemistry and physiology. Finally, someone getting to the root of the issue. I was hesitant to point out to Anna she has missed this crucial elemlent, to ask Anna to focus on carbohydrates causing insulin resistance, causing metabolic disorder, as the main mechanism behind obesity, whatever adjunct role mental health issues have played in her own history.

And the equally important message that you cannot outrun insulin resistance. Most obese people who undergo gastric bypass bariatric surgery see a complete remission of their Type 2 diabetes immediately afterward. I wonder how this impossibly stupid person explains that. Read Yoni Freedhoff and Sharma for factual talk. Even in best circumstances, diabetes 2 is not curable. You are either trolling or made a rash and foolish statement. Try objectively watching TV, read print Ads, go to your local High School and look around at who is excelling and taking part in educational enrichment.

Whatever happened in the past, this society is not hating women. This society is falling over itself to laud people for for their gender if that gender is female…. Any Western woman who honestly believes that modern culture is woman-hating is truly suffering from mental illness whether they are fat or not. Oh, you live is Saudi Arabia do you? This is just one link, but you can find lots of information by searching through the websites of Integrative aka Functional medicine clinicians. This information has been around for several years:. You ARE playing…with words.

Diabetes 2 is a lifestyle illness. Alter your lifestyle — forever — and you will cease to exhibit the symptoms, which is the same as a cure. Your blood sugar will return to normal. It manages your poor choices, which express as the disease we call diabetes. If you eat and live properly you can live pharma-free. It is indeed reversible with a keto or LCHF diet, but once metabolic disorder has set in, it becomes very difficult to re-set.

Now why could that be? Again, could it be that men and boys spend more time looking at superhero things with muscular heroes? Human blubber IS disgusting. Any rational person would be revolted by it. We are genetically different, all of us, and some peoples are predisposed to higher body weight. And a large percentage of overweight are women. This is partly genetic, and partly a response to sexism. Sexism, or male sexual preference? I can see how that could contribute to women being underweight, but how does it contribute to them being overweight?

We are the child-bearing sex. Our bodies are fatter for that purpose, whether we ever become pregnant or not. Also, when women age our bodies are predisposed to being fatter to protect our bones and organs. Fat holds estrogen. Women frequently lose their menses if they train and diet hard. In some cultures, being fat is desired because it suggests wealth enough to be able to eat a lot , so fat women are considered very desirable. There is a range of reasonably healthy body types within which different cultures might select different ideal beauty standards. Plenty of very thin women are perfectly natural.

She had 7 healthy children and lived till I have to deliberately gain a little bit of weight to have a regular menstrual cycle which I did in order to get pregnant , but my husband pretty much has to look at me and I get knocked up. That is interesting because the research I find suggests obesity rates in men are significantly higher than women. I wonder if those big fat stone-carved prehistoric Venuses were meant to be displayed so as to discourage other people from overeating?

Or maybe they were for everyone to sit around in that old cave and laugh at? I guess not…. They were fertility symbols with grossly exaggerated features indicating pregnancy similar to the virility symbols of males with phalluses larger than their entire bodies. Neither were likely to have been meant to be realistic depictions of beauty standards of the time, if that is your implication. What if fertility WAS the real canon of beauty to them?

A woman or man with the actual proportions of those ancient fertility symbols would not be fertile, they would be dead. Here is her resume. These are padding pun intended of an otherwise thin resume. No publications. It is obvious to any honest moral person that being mean to a fat person is unjustified. But you said more than that. Let me summarize the rest of what I hear you saying. Everyone nods in agreement. So between their two SJW diatribes you see Intersectional knives sharpened in the ivory tower. Equating or even comparing foods to drugs ignores the vital distinction that all food cravings are subsections of the general craving for food we all have, and MUST have, which is hunger and appetite.

We all need food, but not drugs. We all need FOOD—that is, fats and proteins from animals, salt, and water. Applies as well to artificial vegetable oils. I realize this sounds radical, but historically and biochemically it just happens to be true. Before nearly NO ONE had constant access to anything other than green and root vegetables; small sour fruit only for a few weeks in season annually; dairy products, meat and fish. There was some flour from stone-ground wheat, but deficiency diseases of the poor who ate mostly bread and little meat and dairy were commonplace.

Go look it up. Spend a couple of months getting to know which food does what inside your cells; then shop and consume accordingly. And if they ever did, the entire food production system would come crashing down. Some farmers would sell large quantities of veggies for barely a few meals worth of bread.

It sounds insane today, but it made sense historically as it would be deeply humiliating to eat animal fodder. The population in Paris largely lived off only bread, and the majority of the population was anaemic. Ive heard older people tell me that when they were evacuated as children in ww2 they were forced to eat carrots which they had never touched before, as their meal would have been bread, butter and some meat. I think the one dietary improvement everyone can make without any loss is to drastically reduce the amount of bread in your diet.

More than that and they gain weight; less than that and they lose weight. For people needing to lose weight the first thing to do is learn how to neither gain nor lose weight. This is much, much more important than generally recognized. Regaining weight after having lost it is nothing more than continuing a long-term pattern of always alternating between gaining and losing weight. Do that for a few months, staying to a 1 kilo range 2. BUT never gain weight.

Repeat, never gain weight; never overeat and sometimes undereat a little. I realize this is a somewhat tautological statement but is both self-definitially true and pertinent to the discussion and the tautology it highlights is the kind of obvious thing neglected in most discussions of this topic. Most people know this but look for magic diets where you can eat apparently more than you need. Forget all that. Use common sense. Most people took 10 years to gain their extra weight so take a long time to remove it. Ironic that the poor in our somewhat capitalist society are at risk of dying from obesity, while the working class in socialist societies feared starvation.

So extreme is the success of capitalism, that a generation addicted to their iPhones and Starbucks have convinced themselves they are oppressed by the very system that provides them with a life of luxury that beyond the wildest dreams of every King, emperor, sultan, pope, caliph, or khagan who had the misfortune to live during the other As for the subject of this article, perhaps an agreement ought to be wrought in which the state subsidizes her Twinkie addiction provided she refrains from bothering sane and civilized people with her nonsense ever again.

Given her Vader-ian resperation, the taxpayers should not be on the hook for too long. That was a touch sardonic. But as you say it should be sobering to consider that in terms of health, longevity, comforts, amusements, security, and several other things, the modern welfare queen has it vastly better than Elisabeth I. It is strange that the obese do not yet have Official Victim Status. This person can leverage their queerness and non-binaryness, which already have Status, so hx fattness might just enter the club almost on the coat tails of the other Intersectionalities.

Correct — the real scandal of our times generally is not that some people have crazy ideas they always did and always will but that our institutions are allowing these ideas to spread, and are not standing up for the core values that built our societies in the first place.

Dealing with over-weight is very difficult. But it is possible. I think one of the reasons people are less charitable to overweight vs. Nothing, no matter how challenging can overcome shortness for example. What if a medical professional could say to a disabled person lets say someone permanently confined to a wheel chair. Are you telling me the person confined to a wheelchair would not take that deal… This may be to a degree why the Obese are not given the same consideration as people with other immutable challenges….

This is where genetic tendencies meet genetic expression in an age when most people are eating to excess of cheap, addictive, refined starches and sugars, ALL of which are digested as glucose. All else is downstream from there. Not only is this modern, processed diet biochemically profoundly incorrect for the human species, it has never been eaten before by ANY species.

Fat hogs you knock on the head to eat; fat humans are stuck with all the stigmas and inconveniences of living as a metabolic trainwreck. The extremists would have us completely give up animal fats and proteins that are known to be necessary for healthy human life, especially brain development and reproduction. Please take an open-minded look at the best information available from the pages of evolutionary biology before deciding what to eat. What it WILL do is keep you out of the hands of the pharmaco-industrial complex. LR— I really like a lot of your comments so excuse me when I have to note you come across as someone who has done a lot of reading of the popular press nutrition info and has decided you are an expert.

If humans are not supposed to eats carbs, we would be evolutionarily disadvantaged.


Obesity is an imbalance of energy intake, first law of thermodynamics. What modern mankind lacks is the necessity to move. The energy out side of the equation is too low. Refined carbs vs complex carbs, calorie for calorie. Refined carbs taste good and go down easy, but cal of sucrose is no different from cals of starch.

Actually, simple starch will stimulate more insulin secretion than an equal amount of sucrose. PS— meat animals are fattened up by keeping them immobile. Anyone pushing that nowadays is in danger of looking downright quaint. I also spend a lot of time with wildlife and livestock which gives me a different perspective than the average apartment dweller. I DO believe history will show that the easy availability of cheap, stable, transportable refined starches and refined sugar was responsible for the explosion in the human population that took place from roughly through the s; unrestricted feeding and weight gain at first chose for enhanced fertility.

But we are now reaping the whirlwind with a different list of deficiency problems than the traditional diseases of poverty such as rickets, beriberi etc. Today we have ADHD, anxiety, autoimmune problems, celiac, dementia and depression for just the short list before we get to CVD, diabetes, and intractable obesity. You try something ELSE. LR—-the first law of thermodynamics is out of date. OK, professor, you are the expert.

You good now?? Sarcasm aside, have you read Gary Taubes analysis why the first law of thermodynamics is not applicable to getting fat? Similarly if your wight is stable and you eat more or less than you will gain or lose weight. I think excercise fails for weight loss because I can go walk for an hour and a half and still burn less calories than a snickers bar.

Not promoting this or validating it I have no need but I would like to know what you think? These people say they are successfully treating they say curing which I think is wrong teminology Type 2 with this diet. Before insulin. Curious to know what you think Rose and Gardner.

The low carb diet has been around for a while, it once was the Atkins diet now resurrected as the keto diet. New money to be made by the diet charlatans. To lose weight, any diet will work. The challenge is keeping it off. This is where most people fail. Following a diet that deprives you of entire food groups and forces you to eat differently from what you enjoy is not going to be easy to follow for a life time. Better to learn portion control—- eat whatever you like, just half as much, and exercise. The concept is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

That is indeed difficult when sugar is addictive, but so is portion control. Go home and eat a diet very low under 20 grams of digestible carb daily for 3 months. Fast some, too. Frightening what happened to him in, and ironically on the same amount of calories. Since the speech in question was at St. Olaf college in Minnesota, a little Nordic humor in the form of a very relevant Ole and Lena story:.

I recommend you start walking 10 miles per day for a week and then call me to let me know how it is going. Ole agrees and one week later calls the doctor as prescribed. I meant it metaphorically, but then unfortunately thought of Monsieur Creosote. But:- I will not Google Monsieur Creosote again. And neither should anyone else. I will not link to the YouTube Monsieur Creosote video.

Monsieur who? That scene was the most disgusting thing I ever saw or ever expect to see outside of a war zone. Just thinking about it makes me want to. Since health is a social construct and blood pressure is caused by weight stigma, she should stop taking meds and move to a deserted island. If health is socially constructed, so is death. If death is socially constructed, everything is, including matter itself. This is a useful reductio of Postmodernism. Good work Sonalee.

We are entering an age where science is being replaced by ideology and truth is being sacrificed for wokeness and the very institutions which were once the custodians of knowledge have traded it in for fashion. The end of this is not good for anyone.

And suckers are lining up to pay her. There is a real cost to obesity just like other diseases of impulse control. Our bodies, when they are young will resist the effects but as we age the behavior takes its toll. Think of the monetary cost of obesity in lost productivity, medical care and disability. Life is a difficult road. Kind of fascinating that the racist revenge-cum-blame-shift psychotic fantasies of the mentally ill are being given such coverage.

But certainly not healthy, in any way, shape less or de form.

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And North America wonders why it is having problems in colleges with deranged PC madness…. And her complete rejection of science, health research, and reality in favor of her personal or faux delusions or griftering. Why should I empathise for somebody that hates me because of the colour of my skin and blames white people for all her problems?


read online Embracing Life Again After the Death of a Spouse: Never Give Up Just Be Smart file. PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You can. Never Give Up Just Be Smart Dr Anniekie Ravhudzulo. EMBRACING LIFE AGAIN AFTER THE DEATH OF A SPOUSE NEVER GIVE UP JUST BE SMART.

Why should I empathise with somebody spreading dangerous, deluded nonsense, and being paid large sums of money by idiot institutions to help drag us back into the dark ages? Why should I empathise with somebody who most certainly would not empathise with me for one second? Meat was practically only on Sundays, together with potatoes, onions, and apple mush. Children would get carrots from the soup in which meat was cooked.

Otherwise, lunch was e. Often potatoes or buckwheat meal with eggs or milk. Information for carbohydrate haters: Try getting fat on starch in pearled barley, lentils, chickpeas or beans! Starch in these foods as long as they are not overcooked is digested very slowly! These foods are filling and it is hard to overeat. Most farms had fruit trees, and certain varieties of apples kept until spring in the cellar. Green salad, red beets etc. The butcher family was the only one with plump but not overweight individuals in the village.

There was a lot of manual labour in the village, of course, and we all had to walk a lot. Back in town: in school , the only plump child in the class was slightly mocked, but did not mind it and was completely accepted. Of course oils and fats were relatively expensive, butter was luxury. Bread had a thick crust, slightly brown colour, and had to be chewed. In Central and Southern Europe a lot of this cooking tradition survives, even as meat consumption increased and the terrible highly processed US-origin foods are creeping in.

Obesity is consequently much less common as in the US. Many do not mind soaking dry beans overnight and cooking them for an hour or two next day… The result is not the same as the autoclave cooked canned beans with inevitable additives! A British doctor surveyed diabetics in Sarajevo during the last war. On average, their blood sugar values went down, in spite of the stress and horrors of the siege. Less food, more walking…. In any case, to think that you can be fat and healthy is beyond naive. If you are fat, you have a world of pain in store as you move into middle age and beyond.

I need to read that. And corn syrup was not in everything. Apart from probably being an addict to certain kinds of food connected with a state of distress or depression as a former overweight person, I can talk from experience , Ms Rashatwar appears to be fundamentally an underage woman, mentally speaking, an adolescent who, in typical navel-gazing fashion, is adamant that the rest of the world hates her. Well, it is really sad that her mental condition is like that but, what can you do? There are delusional people all around the place. Treat everyone, even the profoundly mentally scrambled, with the compassion that befits a civilized society.

Pushback, like winter, is coming. Even with fat genes, one cannot be obese, if one never or only very rarely eats processed carbohydrates. One might be plump, but not obese. I speak from personal experience. I come from a very fat family. I was once fat borderline obese , but I have not been fat for decades. I lost the fat as soon as I stopped eating processed carbohydrates. I still eat quite a lot I am virtually never hungry , but I do not eat sugar, anything with wheat flour, any biscuits, pastry, cakes, ice cream or any other sweet food, or bread regardless of the flour type, or potato crisps except very rarely!

I look at cake shops and think poison. I eat a lot of oats, and some sorghum products. Otherwise, eat more or less what you like avoid trans fats, processed meats etc. Thank you, SB; what you posted has been proven, time and time again. Weston A. Our genes evolved to correctly express metabolism within the context of our ancestral diet—mostly fatty meat, birds, and seafood with eggs, cream, butter, and cheese depending on ancestry and a garnish not main course of green vegetables.

Anyone can do it, without professional help, packaged diets, or gimmicks. You just have to kill the addictions to starch and sugar. Tip for fellow travelers: Bud Lite Platinum has only 4. Kept it off 12 years now as long as I keep keto. Certainly everyone has the right to be fat. But to say there are no consequences is simply delusional. Who uses the self-driving carts at the store? Virtually all are obese. The obese are likely to be unable to take care of normal needs like cutting the grass or vacuuming.

Not much mention of type II diabetes but this is much higher in the obese. I am not talking about slightly plump but the lb person. Diabetes is a hell of an illness. Here is a forthcoming lecture by someone who I happen to know is not getting the level of reimbursement of Ms Rashatwar, but is borne of years of rigorous evidence based research on the topic, culminating in a book which is highly regarded by prominent medical experts.

Here is a link to the book. Rosie Marcado. Share this: Pocket. Harmanjit Singh says. Hungry Hungry Hippos says. Mr Singh, I suggest we take the most extreme aspects of sexually empowered leftism, like shit-eating fetishists, and combine it with the hungriest western fat activists. Please take my suggestions onboard as I am a genius. Stephanie says. Defenstrator says. Somewoman says. Her family probably is really embarrassed about her.

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David of Kirkland says. Angry Man says. MMS says. Both of you stop and your lack of decorum is not welcomed here. JTL says. Cary D Cotterman says. Francis Tschitchee says. Joshua Belle says. Iko says. Hub says. Putting a child on a diet is equivalent to rape, but giving a child puberty blockers…..? Kencathedrus says. I would rather be free in inequality than live as a slave in equality.

Morgan Foster says. I see a significant social good coming from that, even though the cost for one child was severe. Anna Slatz says. Sydney says. Sophie says. Petie Cue says. Rendall says. Sama says. Craig Willms says. Canuck Sailor says. Gayle says. Freya Astrella says. She and the other HAES advocates are no better than kool aid pushing cult leaders and need to be stopped by any means possible Why do I have no pity? This is an issue that affects everyone.

Miguel T says. BrannigansLaw says. Olson says. Asenath Waite says. Jesse says. Peeper Deeper Is it shaming someone to not find them attractive? Denny Sinnoh says. Jake Dee says. Doug F says. Andrew Melville says. And yours? But those that are there sell Western food, not Moose nose, or Jackfish or seal. Such ignorance. Anybody know what kind of cancer she had? Chase says. AJ says. Dershem says. TarsTarkas says. Farris says. Lightning Rose says. Ama says. Ama Also in general men just naturally care about the physical appearance of women more than women care about the physical appearance of men.

Barring people who have been married for a while, I almost never see a fat guy with a hot girl.

When Your Partner Hates Your Dog: Addressing Disputes Over Pets

Keithy76 says. Women just feel better thinking men have it easier. She can live her life as she wants, and pay the price for decisions made as do we all. Lert says. Robert Franklin says. Trying to survive in a women-hating culture is not mental illness. It can be treated but not cured. Whatever the treatment, one needs to stay on it for their life. Closed Range says. DM says. Do you drink?

Every had too much, too many times? Sort out your own illness first. Etiamsi omnes says. Etiamsi omnes They were fertility symbols with grossly exaggerated features indicating pregnancy similar to the virility symbols of males with phalluses larger than their entire bodies. GL says. Everyone nods in agreement 2 If there are negative externalities like a burdened medical system, family left behind when I die, or convincing others that my dangerous delusion is a truth, then those actions are justified because we all do things that are bad for the environment or to the ones we love.

George G says. Consider: Before nearly NO ONE had constant access to anything other than green and root vegetables; small sour fruit only for a few weeks in season annually; dairy products, meat and fish. Scholarly References, heavily annotated with reference to primary studies: Weston A. HS says. Ray Andrews says. HS That was a touch sardonic. Cedric says. Man, this is an intense Quillette Comments Section.

Clearly, a very hot-button topic. Zachary Snowdon Smith says. Also, consider this: What if a medical professional could say to a disabled person lets say someone permanently confined to a wheel chair. Math does work. Go back to your GP and get your bloodwork done again. We just don't have that big an audience in front of us, hypnotized by out words. If we did, I have no doubt we would behave as narcissistically as he does. Or perhaps worse? Great article. That, I respect. Thank You for voicing your truthful opinion. There is free eBook sample up to sharing 4 if you are interested to read.

I attended all of Tony's events and his leadership training 20 years ago. Still today I use and think of what I learned, and because I learned it, was able to survive and make it through "a time of incredibly unfortunate circumstances" that began 9 years ago. I did the work, many times, the fact that his style resonated with me was my 'good fortune'. I have never regretted the time or the money, certainly not the "embedded knowledge" into who I am now.

Life took some turns, I survived, and then thrived. I am happy. I hope you are too. Just out of curiosity.. I'm an ENTJ. Your article shouts of Analytical personality traits. Awesome stuff mate, power to ya. Thank you for honest feedback I experienced same thing at Noah St Johns one big long week of sale pitches. How could someone who genuinely wants to help people—all people who have struggles in life — charge thousands of dollars?

If he were Retired I might let him slide! Great comments! The thing that recently turned me off was his constant cursing he does. I saw the documentary I am Not Your Guru or something like that and was turned off because of his constant use of curse words. I am not a prude but I see no value in the constant use.

Just my opinion. Tony is a great speaker and motivator, but the rest of the speakers are just slick commercials trying to get you to buy and buy now!!! I felt like I paid good money to sit in a room and have people preach to me why I should part with my money and make them rich. Buyer beware. Real Estate flips do NOT happen in 3 days. You are NOT using their money Investing in stocks, research yourself. Do your homework! They get rich, not you. Amazing how many stupid people fall for this! Opinions are my own. I watched one of his Netflix specials Honestly I think he's a great salesman teetering on being a con man You said it best about him thinking he's more enlightened than everyone else I noticed he just spouts off the first thing that comes to his head when he's trying to solve someone's deep problem and then acts like poof problem solved and his answer is like the word of God.

I think he's a narcassist. My experience with TR was hearing his advertisement on TV. His voice was incredibly loud and super positive. Like one of those salesmen that are super over the top,big smiley teeth bleating at you like you're going to die if you dont buy their product. The second experience was driving down to the mountain with my 4 kids and my sister who put his tape on. Having come from an environment where addiction and violence was rife and wanting to heal and grow,I listened, with no judgment. After I got back,I started feeling worse about myself.

It all seemed unachievable and over the top. Its all about eating, exercise, money,positive, positive, positive. Wham wham thank you man. No frigging breathe to take,no space to allow processing to take place and most of all,self empowerment comes from within not by someone dictating what someone else should do.

A good therapists helps you to uncover you and doesn't try telling you that you need to spend thousands of dollars to come back cos you still need me. I feel that Tony himself is desperately trying to make money under the guise of fixing others and leading with his ego instead of healing himself. He has a desperation about him. Loosing his voice will be his greatest gift where he will have to truly sit with himself and listen.

Regards S. I think you are spot on He is def still that abused boy down inside trying to speak and money his way into his own approval. I truly hope he is healed I attended one of his seminars in San Francisco when he first started out over 26 years ago for free. I traded advertising space for 2 bad seats way on top. His stuff worked and I was very successful within 5 yrs.

I also received all of his tapes free and listen to them over thousand times. I know his greatness, but I learned more off his tapes and reading his books. All the knowledge is in his CD's and books. Save thousand by skipping the hype and focus on the materials available online. He copied Jim Rome's work and took it to the highest levels.

He is one of the greatest influential people on earth. I have been considering going to one of the UPW seminars. I almost bought a ticket recently actually. This was very insightful. However, he's a business man, huge company, needs the sales. He's made such an impact on my life but I have no desire to see him live.

It's like going to a star trek or flat earth convention. We are also extremely economically driven. We believe that increasing wealth will solve all our problems. Sure, it'll pay all your bills, buy you some shit, but in the end, only the human connection can truly make us happy or fulfilled.

I let go of my shit, i had money, but now i'm happily getting by on what I need. After living in several developing countries My drive for money isn't there anymore. Think of it like this. Guys like him don't exist in the developing world.

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I'm not saying they live better than us. They don't, but man. They're so much happier than we'll ever be. For them relationships are important, for us chasing money and buying stupid shit is important. You have it figured out. I have it figured out. Tony doesn't have it figured out. Everything you said I'm generally very skeptical about people whose life story goes something like this: "I was uneducated and jobless and then I became a life coach, earned millions of money by helping people and I'm now rich and successful". This usually means that they had no knowledge or skills to improve their own life in an ordinary way, so they improved it by "helping people" and it usually means: selling people what they want to hear - easy solutions, hope and promises.

I've listened to several Tony's audio books and found them useful to a certain extant. I did get something from his books. On the other hand they are a little simplified and disregard human psychology in many ways. Humans are complex and complicated creatures. There are no shortcuts in life, although we all would like them. Sometimes one insight or a new idea or perspective can help us change, but many other times most? You don't need overpriced seminars, because they are always just repeating the same.

People usually attend those seminars because of the energy. The energy of many people being together united with the same goal is exciting and it makes them feel good for a few days. If they continue going to these seminars - they get addicted to the feeling of excitement and "everything is possible" attitude. So they go on and on from one similar seminar to another, while their life stays more or less the same or gets even worse. This sometimes happens even to the life coach himself.

He gets addicted to "being high all the time" and he starts to crave his own seminars, just like his participants! Human body requires calmness and balance. If you make it overly excited all the time, it will pull you to the other direction very soon very hard. This means that your chances to experience depression rise. And once you fall down, you will need more and more energy to go up and so you end up pushing your body completely out of the balance.

This can't be healthy and productive, not even in the short run, less alone in the long one. Many people are addicted to their life coaches and psychiatrists. Don't become addicted and too attached to anything. Read a book, if you find a useful idea or two - try to implement them in your life, if they work - great, if they don't - move on. Be smart and keep your money. I recently attended UPW, I walked in after reading negative and positive comments but I came completely with an open mind.

I decided to pick up and create some rituals and slowly get my mental and physical health up to where I want it to be. I decided to pay to do it for myself. I met great people, and I learned things from them as well as the speakers and Tony. What I took from the event is that Tony is a wonderful businessman.

The way their marketing strategy was amazing, and I know we all hate something being sold to us but the way he advertises his seminars is remarkable and we can learn from that. He uses the speakers and partners he has to talk about the programs and they had like 10 minute talks about the programs for business and stuff. Honestly not as bad as I read about endless advertising of his other events on other forums. What this means is to find and help yourself. Date With Destiny focuses on building relationships a lot more in depth from my understanding.

Yes, the dancing is over the top. Did I do it? I also went alone, knowing no one there. It was amazing. No one made you do that. My point is that you go to the event, leave early and take what you felt was important from the event. And apparently what was important to you is that the whole thing was not what you expected.

Saying you dislike something without ever trying it is But even so, you need to think. I say that with all the love in my heart. He has to charge thousands because he has NO choice! He needs more mansions and yachts! Give him your money! Young lady You will be successful and a leader.

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Your insight is beyond your years. Older enough to he your grandmother, or great-grandmother. My comments were in August. To be fair That would be the person he started under, Jim Rohn. Tony then took that and decided to dive deep into neuroscience and psychology. There are 4 different psychological types in the crowd when you present and then there are many variables and circumstances for each one of those. He rather focus on rudimentary tactics to get MANY people rather than focus on please then minority of the crowd people like you who just want him to cut to the meat and potatoes of the information.

There is a scientific reason to the dancing. Not only that but how many times in a weekend and for how long and when to stop. Rather you just know him for his content. You have accomplished a lot which congrats to you, and you have content that you are able to direct people to through this article. Best of luck with decision making in the future! Everyone has to understand Tony Robbins game at these seminars. Its called "immersion brainwashing".

Basically you are provided with so much information presented in a rapid fire hyper-active manner that your brain becomes over-stimulated. The fact he often goes of script with mumbo jumbo unrelated information is also intentional in that it contributes to the confusion as the brain is trying to understand and catch up on previous comments. Touching other people is an NLP tactic to promote affirmation and connection all intended to generate and sustain groupthink. I could go on and on. Bottom line I've carefully watched many videos of TR.

I'm Executive Chairman of a Holding Company in which I am either an owner or partner in over 50 companies. There is no viable ROI in any of his seminars and for those that disagree asked yourself if you can verify you have received back dollar for dollar value on your total investment, let alone the miracle Tony Robbins promises. I'm glad you felt empowered to share! Boy are you getting a lot of free advertising out of mentioning Tony's name especially taking an oppositional verbal stance. Isn't that a bit like name dropping? How your company works with him?

Tony is all about emersion to learn and make rapid changes and you got out of the pool before that happened. I won't argue that what you did instead wasn't positive but what you are saying is that staying would have been a waste of your time. You from your current perspective can't know this it is an oppinion stated as a fact The only way to actually know that would have been to stay. So, your points ARE one sided arguments presented as facts. That dread was your fear. So, I imagine you run away from other situations that make you uncomfortable too.

All your above "reasons" are actually deflections. What you did on you days off was so you would not have to come back completely empty handed after saying you would do something. The final comment I have is, your ego is the size of Texas to tell Tony how you would attend if he made "these" changes.

He doesn't need you to approve of any of his courses. Just saying. He sells snake oil. How many people actually "made it"? Why do they keep going to "speakers? Go BACK to your job, and make some money, not giving it to this dude. Oh, you were good for the local economy, too. I don't think that you gave it enough time that first day. I also felt that it was a bit rah rah cheesy at first, but once you let it flow- it gets much better and on day three when they turn off the lights all that you wanted to fix can be fixed- by you - there I have been twice, both times with co-workers.

Fantastic time- you owe it to yourself to see the 3. Great information to be had and what is wrong with little much needed exercise to boot! This is highly embarrassing to admit but I need to share something in the hopes that it helps other people. You can judge me if you want but I would encourage you not to. But I just went to a big motivational seminar this weekend and I seemed to be really enjoying myself I came back ready to tackle the world. Now some of you will be saying, duh.

Day one of the seminar I woke up at 5am, got to the venue at and got in line to register so I could get a good seat. Which was still no where close to when the firewalk that they had been talking about all day was happening. So I stayed until midnight and then said I have to go. So I left and missed the firewalk. I could barely drive home. Seems like a healthy position to put people in.

Day two was much of the same. It feels like you can do and accomplish anything. Which I did. So I had boundless energy and optimism. Tony also suggested that things only change when your shoulds turn to musts. That was until I woke up the next day feeling like a million bricks had hit me.

I managed to get myself out of bed and make it to day three for transformation day. That should have been a clue. Transformation day is kept very vague. And the experience is intense. Which is a tell tale sign of mania. And I sign up for one. I keep hearing the mantras repeated over and over again both from them and in my head. Then they do a business portion of the seminar. They talk about how all these amazing people will be at the Business Mastery program and that proximity is power and tell you if you go back now to sign up then you get half off.

Without hesitation I pop up from my seat and go back to sign up. Now this was a choice I made, but the conditions I was put in clouded my judgment beyond the typical realms of what is normal. The next 24 hours I felt crazy. Over and over. And over. But I was breathing hard and had a massive headache. And went on with my day.

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Was there valuable info or insight? I called the offices and no one was available to talk to and they said they would call me back in hours, which would be after the 72 allotted period. So yea. I mean I take responsibility for sure. I bought the snake oil. This will definitely go down as one the hardest lessons I will ever learn.

You have seen the light of day, unlike those sheep who keep feeding this demon money because they are weak, weak minded, and probably very insecure. Mommy didn't hold them enough. Get out of the basement and keep your money to better yourself. Don't be a sucker. Kep your head up, and move forward You can do this on your own Just go to church.

It's free and a whole lot more inspiring than a windbag banging sticks on stage. I went to UPW twice. I swear but he was over the top. The second time was enough out of control swearing and both my friend and I we both previously attended walked out after the first day. Thank you for sharing how you reached your own conclusion for yourself. Many of these so called enlightment seminars can be dangerous. Yes it all sounds so great and powerful, exactly like a cult. There are several books on this. Scientology started this way. But the thing is we all have it in ourselves to strive and figure life out for ourselves.

Also many really good books that can inspire and not have to dish out thousands of dollars at a so called seminar which always seems to end up in a sales pitch to scale. Also if you need a push and need the rahrah or more friends Who has that much Energy?? Pit Bull performed tonite and he told his story which is nothing short of a miracle This was a fantastic article. I also walked out in LA on day three. I went to Disneyland! I'm listening to a lot of his material and it's definitely helping me but I'm not sure touching strangers would improve my life at the moment.

I get the impression Tony would disagree with your decision to leave but appreciate that you took massive action. Had you stayed till the end, you would have experienced the most powerful part of the event Tony leads an exercise that powerfully helps participants not only destroy limiting beliefs but powerfully replace them with truth. This is what UPW is all about. Much of his advice seems sound, my decision has nothing to do with that. It is the way the information is presented that turns me completely off, but then I am a bit on the conservative side.

I am just an even keel kind of person who likes to think over my decision and motives for where I wish to be in life. If you can convert it to spiritual, more power to you. Oh my goodness. I am literally experiencing this right now. Thank you so much for making me feel less guilty and like less of an asshole for not going back. It is confirmed. I cannot put myself through another day of this. And on top of it the venue we are at is horrendous. Natalie, I agree with you. I'm at the same UPW as you. I am tired of strangers touching me and this venue is too horrendous to return to unclean restrooms, hard floors, horrible food that you are forced to buy with 14 hour days and no outside food.

Today, although it was published that the venue was open at a. Perhaps this was by design - to change our state. It changed my location; I left. I am a Tony Robbins believer; I think he is great. But I'm too uncomfortable here to be receptive to the material. I rebooked my flight and am on my way home now after leaving the first day at 8pm and only making it to 1pm today in Dallas.

A better venue with more food options and a shorter day would have been nice. I feel that all the important points could have been made in a nice hour day. Should have watched his Netflix show beforehand before deciding to go. The venue was absolute shit, I agree. BUT, Tony bought the venue. So next UPW at the center, we can bring anything we want which will be amazing. No more having to sneak in fruit loops in my pants lol. You are awesome! Thanks for sharing your perspective and experience!

I was debating on going myself! Found this very insightful! One I just completed, which led me to your article. For some reason, I alwaysss get uncomfortable watching his videos. I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same. Sure he has some valid points I sense ego and even a bit of arrogance. Someone who may have had the right intentions at one point, but whose roots now seem to be polluted by ego. Not fillers. He appears to be a master businessman though whose true drive and purpose needs a checkup?????

Again, my opinion.

"Embracing life again – it's so invigorating" – Swiss Life Group

I find Gabor Mate wayy more insightful. Believe me, lol. But thank you for your article, validated what I too have felt. I couldn't agree with you more, also Gabor Mate is incredibly insightful. Also the late great Jacques Fresco would wipe the floor with TR's bullshit. Tony Robbins is a fraud, flawed human being. His body already rejected "his" conceptualization of "the perfect food s ", and what's obvious is "his" need for attention and sense of belonging.

He is a narcissist. Perhaps a sociopath. In the end he helps no one but himself by feeding off of popularity and attention all the while prancing around like a rock star lead singer without the actual talent to be a rock star lead singer. He's a great salesman and marketing genius - selling delusions. I've never been to Tony Robbins event but have been close to going. What has always put me off is that Tony is a master manipulator. He has modelled his even like a rock concert to put people in an "adoring screaming fan" state.

I see through it all and hence never been to a seminar. That, and I have listened to a few of his, om audio. I just tell people truthfully " I overheard This is not "hate". Can he "motivate"? Buy please, consider your source, when THEY condone lying. Just a "personal" conviction and observation.. The food offerings and comfort facilities are terrible! Long lines Women were asking us men for toilet paper or paper towels since their rest rooms had run out This is basic stuff that some one who hosts should have a grip on! For the amount of money and time and sacrifices we made to come here for growth They had plenty of staff pushing product in the atrium instead of making sure we were comfortable.

You use an interesting firm of self promotion. Bash a life coach and state how much I can do better. This is just another sales gimmic right? The author of this article isn't selling you anything, isn't after any unearned power and has no axe to grind, other than to express himself and experience with snake-oil Tony. Hi Amber, I am also attending the July 11th in Dallas, which is tomorrow! It will be my first time at any of his events, and I am being open-minded to it, however, I can understand how you would have doubts. Would love to hear about your experience! We are at this event together right now.

What are your thought so on the awful venue? On top of all these other things Noah mentions. Yes - Too generalized. I grew up in a hostile, volatile world. So much that I took care of my mother from the time I was Nine until Seventeen. I bare a burden that to provide for my family at fifty Three with no college degree , little book knowledge, but one thing I do have his common sense. I would give the shirt off my back to a person in need. How do I find my purpose, what I am Great at so I can give my family a better life.

I am ready to make a giant leap to own my own Business, but how with no funds, what with no skills. Time is my enemy , and fear rules my days and nights. I have no family because my two brothers are mentally exhausted from a life of fear and hate. Loneliness is a terrible place. Have you ever wanted to get in your car and just drive forever, and start all over alone? I have more questions than answers. Go to Impact Theory on YouTube watch the episode age is not an excuse. They are some amazing talks. First Brian Find the way to love yourself. I also recommend listening to Marissa peer.

On YT. She does a self hypnosis session that will really truly amaze you and help give you insights, that can and will release you from unseen patterns. Good luck Laura Lee. The two of you obviously love each other. Take a break and look at your wedding photos, remember what it was that drew you to each other. Find what makes you happy and try to make a business doing that. Hey Brian.

Read your comment. Would love to connect and talk with you if it would help. If you are the same Brian I think you are, I think we are already connected. Sometimes we need to get things off our chest and just talk, be heard. I am happy to. Blessings to you my friend. I respect your struggle. Know that you deserve all the good that you can grasp. I too, have struggled for over 55 years and have failed to reach as far as I think I could have. Know that you are not alone. You do not need to escape to have a joyful life. I offer you my shoulder to lean on. The brotherhood of humanity will carry one another to a brighter spot in life.

I wish you rest, relief, comfort and respite. Your comments make sense and made me think quite a bit. I would love to hear more about your workshop or others that you recommend. I appreciate your comments. I'm not a "rah-rah" fan, and this guy seems to be the best. Also, the whole thing seems to be narcissistic in it's goals. But there's definitely a spiritual component missing.

I'm not a "rah-rah" fan either. I don't like the idea of some random dude rubbing my shoulders either. He has the "gift of the gab" as my Dad used to say, but I agree the repertoire is over done and should be less of a show. I am a Christian too and I have even seen these antics in some churches.

For events to have a powerful and trans-formative impact they don't need to be run like circus or rock concert. There can be a lot of power in a persons humble presence and the sensitivity with which they engage a crowd. I think of Jesus and the powerful impact He had that is still being felt today.

I agree there is the spiritual component missing. Jesus said, "My words are Spirit and life. I think that is missing. I'm so glad to hear someone say Tony Robbins is not worth going to see. I can't believe people would spend thousands of dollars to go see him! Thank you, Noah!

You have no idea how many great things you missed out on by leaving early! Even Oprah, Who never stays more than 3 hrs anywhere; got so involved that she stayed entire day and walked over coals that night! So anyone looking for advice Isn't that exactly what he is advocating? Making your own decision? He also mentions that for specific problems this event is life changing. Just not for his. And to be honest, that makes me much more interested, then all these claims that "one size fits all".

Oprah has her own problems.. Yet knowing what to do and how to do it is only part of the solution. I have to date find a lecture speaker that can Quantify what they are teaching. It seems that the use of NLP and or other suggestive pattern based dialog has allowed them to influence people. The disturbing fact is most of them don't understand what they are teaching by NOT really knowing why it actually works. Is there anyone that can clarify motivation, sales, mental health in an equation that is absolute?

A mathematical equation that defines "why" all these language patterns work? I'm just not getting why people need other people to tell them what they can and should do? How is a mass-cult like environment going to help an individual who is lost or has no sense of direction? Also, if he is so successful then why does he keep doing these seminars? If the answer is to help people then why the hefty cost?

Just some thought that comes to mind in making sense out of this. Thank you for so freely expressing everything I felt in a far more concise and less personal manner than I would have. It was miserable, and it only made me more miserable to realize that my boss bought into this sales pitch and thought this was a good use of company resources and funds. This is great for folks who have a tough time getting motivated. Not so great for self-motivated individuals. It felt like remedial math. I would sooner give myself a labotomy than listen to him prattle on endlessly about his own self-importance.

Self - Importance ironically being something he condemned during the seminar. A true narcissist in rare form. I skimmed through your article to get the best of it. I agree with you. Depth, going inward is the hardest, most rewarding work and probably has the best chance for real change.

I've never been to a Tony Robbins seminar, however, had about a 2 hr live intro experience with him and so I have an awareness of what you experienced. At this point of my personal growth, I do not think I would even accept an 'all expense paid trip' to one of his events. And I do think well of Tony Robbins. Considering that I've been in digital media for almost a decade now, I hope that goes to show you how deeply this article struck me.

While I truly believe in personal growth and development, I've grown to have a great disdain for the fluff in the event space. So much so that in fact, I no longer attend events at all. The fluff, fake excitement, touching your neighbor ew It's my opinion that if you've sought out growth in an intentional way for more than one year - most of the events will leave you wanting more. I left that event and spent most of my time doing exactly what you described as well. My personal growth day was incredibly valuable and I'm thankful that I had the courage to stand up, walk out, and take back control.

So here's to you - congratulations on following your intuition, knowing what is right for you, and being brave enough to share it with the world. I don't think Tony is Jesus and I don't want him to be the president of the United States but I've seen a lot of events and I found it whenever I'm skeptical about what he's doing and why I think it through I realized later he was ahead of me on that and it does make sense. Watching him do this many times I realized that it would be very useful to me to do more of this upselling my own business too.

He's upselling more training and decent supplements I buy from jarrow and garden of Life and solgar not Tony Robbins so I'm not endorsing the products just the concept - he's not asking you if you want fries with that and a large soda. It wasn't for you. Most of these courses were designed by early 20's Tony Robbins and, over 30 years, have't really changed; they are mainly intended for people without direction. Business Mastery is early 30's Robbins and would be more pertinent to a man in your position. And, if you did not walk across Fire at UPW Congratulations on your success and it is my strongest suggestion you utilize your platform with eyes wide open to the masses and the influence you may have.

Headsets and covert information gathering are used to direct him to people in the audience from data gathered from intake forms and team member reconnaissance. Great informing article. Noah you really have excellent points that could constructively bring answers and or ideas to many people.

You could present valuable seminars yourself. I feel Tony has lost a bit of the basic ideas that "focus" each of us toward the path we desire through the length of time of his presentations. It is almost as if he is presenting old ideas into an updated version of previous seminars. I walked out of a Tony Robbins seminar back in So, there are some of us who felt uncomfortable with the rock-n-roll "cult-like" feel of the event.

As my husband and I left, we were accosted by what I jokingly refer to as the "men in black" even though a woman led the pack. They were Tony Robbins employees, I presume. And they did whatever they could to stop us from leaving, which was a further put-off. It made me want to leave even more. I was almost waiting for them to wrestle us to the ground and hogtie us to prevent us from leaving; that is how intense it was getting. I never attended another Tony Robbins event again. While I do like listening to some of his stuff on YouTube and I do like his positive uplifting vibe, I don't care for all the "fluff," dancing, shoulder-massaging, putting your finger in your nose, and the rest of the stuff you have to wade through for 3 days just to get something out of the event.

It's really unnecessary for most of us who just want to get to the root of what's holding us back from our dreams. I find listening to his interviews, audios and youtube videos to be incredibly valuable. As for the seminar i cant comment as I've never been. I think people saying hes a scam and whatever else are either deaf or blind bc if you listen to what he teaches, majority of it makes sense and has helped millions of people. Every dollar hes earned hes deserved. And those commenting on his personal life, Tony even said in his 20s - 30s he wasn't the same man he is today.

If the man can help you with your problem just search on youtube for Tony robbins depression for example , then listen to what he has to say. For me, he's been a real game changer. I have been an avid fan of Tony's for decades and always up for learning and growing. I guess it just wasn't for the writer. I have attended numerous Tony Robbins seminars. TONY helped empower me to make millions at a time when I had very little money. I am a single mother struggling mentally and financially trying lately to rewire my brain.

On top of not feeling secure, not having support system, I also discovered I self sabotage by isolating which helps my procrastinating. Tonight I started looking into maybe attending a seminar. I hope that made sense Lol. Hi Autumn, I hear you isolating is so much easier In the meantime go to YouTube look up Marisa peer. She has some free guided hypnotherapy sessions that could really just help it all click. If you need any more video suggestions feel free to contact me Just mssg me about this reply Tony and Dean run nothing but a Ponzi scheme, they're a pair of very enigmatic, clever and well-trained shills.

They know exactly what to say to get people to keep coughing up money to upsell their The challenge is that I need this to become part of me. Part of my daily action. I can't get that by going to a seminar. The only way I'm going to master this material is by reviewing it daily, implementing, and then reviewing my implementation every night. Optimistic that this time next year I'll see some fruit from this discipline. As sad as it is, I likely won't ever go to one of his events. Because I can't master the material in one day.

Or seven. That only comes from within and you need to get that bit straight first. Genuine loving kindness is what we ARE when we identify and dissolve the ego. TR focusses on making ourselves a better ego, which is great- but not the answer. Great business model mind you, right? As an example for reference, take the likes of Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama. Which one would we rather be? I agree totally with your views, and it was great to read your comments. Definitely contradictory to what Tolle teaches. Well said. Undoubtedly, the most prominent con man of our generation.

If he's the guru of self-help, why couldn't he fix his own marriage? He cheated on his 1st wife almost immediately after the wedding having a child with his mistress. Incredibly, his wife forgave him but he later dumped her for a younger blond. Now he's embroiled in sexual harassment accusations involving 4 female employees Great role model.

Can you link to more information about this?