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A cautious halt halfway brings good fortune. Going through to the end brings misfortune. It furthers one to see the great man. It does not further one to cross the great water. Conflict develops when one feels himself to be in the right and runs into opposition. If one is not convinced of being in the right, opposition leads to craftiness or high-handed encroachment but not to open conflict. If a man is entangled in a conflict, his only salvation lies in being so clear-headed and inwardly strong that he is always ready to come to terms by meeting the opponent halfway.

To carry one the conflict to the bitter end has evil effects even when one is the right, because the enmity is then perpetuated. It is important to see the great man, that is, an impartial man whose authority is great enough to terminate the conflict amicably or assure a just decision.

In times of strife, crossing the great water is to be avoided, that is, dangerous enterprises are not to be begun, because in order to be successful they require concerted unity of focus. Conflict within weakens the power to conquer danger without. Thus in all his transactions the superior man Carefully considers the beginning.

The image indicates that the causes of conflict are latent in the opposing tendencies of the two trig rams. Once these opposing tendencies appear, conflict is inevitable. To avoid it, therefore, everything must be taken carefully into consideration in the very beginning. If rights and duties are exactly defined, or if, in a group, the spiritual trends of the individuals harmonize, the cause of conflict is removed in advance.

If one does not perpetuate the affair, There is a little gossip. In the end, good fortune comes. While a conflict is in the incipient stage, the best thing To do is to drop the issue. Especially when the adversary is stronger, it is not advisable to risk pushing the conflict to a decision. It may come to a slight dispute, but in the end all goes well. One cannot engage in conflict; One returns home, gives way. The people of his town, Three hundred households, Remain free of guilt.

In a struggle with an enemy of superior strength, retreat is no disgrace. Timely withdrawal prevents bad consequences. If, out of a false sense of honor, a man allowed himself to be tempted into an unequal conflict, he would be drawing down disaster upon himself. In such a case a wise and conciliatory attitude benefits the whole community, which will then not be drawn into the conflict. To nourish oneself on ancient virtue induces perseverance. If by chance you are in the service of a king, Seek not works.

This is a warning of the danger that goes with an expansive disposition. Only that which has been honestly acquired through merit remains a permanent possession. It can happen that such a possession may be contested, but since it is really one's own, one cannot be robbed of it. Whatever a man possesses through the strength of his own nature cannot be lost. If one enters the service of a superior, one can avoid conflict only by not seeking works for the sake of prestige. It is enough if the work is done: let the honor go to the other.

One cannot engage in conflict. One turns back and submits to fate, Changes one's attitude, And finds peace in perseverance. Good fortune. This refers to a person whose inner attitude at first lacks peace. He does not feel content with his situation and would like to improve it through conflict. In contrast tot the situation of the nine in the second place, he is dealing with a weaker opponent and might therefore succeed. But he cannot carry on the fight, because, since right is not on his side, he cannot justify the conflict to his conscience. Therefore he turns back and accepts his fate.

He changes his mind and finds lasting peace in being at one with eternal law. This brings good fortune. This refers to an arbiter in a conflict who is powerful and just, and strong enough to lend weight to the right side. A dispute can be turned over to him with confidence. If one is in the right, one attains great good fortune. Even if by chance a leather belt is bestowed on one,' By the end of a morning It will have been snatched away three times. Here we have someone who has carried a conflict to the bitter end and has triumphed.

He is granted a decoration, but his happiness does not last. He is attacked again and again, and the result is conflict without end. This hexagram is made up of the trigrams K'an, water, and K'un, earth, and thus it symbolizes the ground water stored up in the earth. In the same way military strength is stored up in the mass of the people--invisible in times of peace but always ready for use as a source of power. The attributes of the two trig rams are danger inside and obedience must prevail outside.

Of the individual lines, the one that controls the hexagram is the strong nine in the second place, to which the other lines, all yielding, are subordinate. This line indicates a commander, because it stands in the middle of one of the two trigrams. But since it is in the lower rather than the upper trigram, it represents not the ruler but the efficient general, who maintains obedience in the army by his authority. The army needs perseverance And a strong man.

Good fortune without blame. An army is a mass that needs organization in order to become a fighting force. Without strict discipline nothing can be accomplished, but this discipline must not be achieved by force. It requires a strong man who captures the hearts of the people and awakens their enthusiasm. In order that he may develop his abilities he needs the complete confidence of his ruler, who must entrust him with full responsibility as long as the war lasts.

But war is always a dangerous thing and brings with it destruction and devastation. Therefore it should not be resorted to rashly but, like a poisonous drug, should be used as a last recourse. Ground water is invisibly present within the earth. In the same way the military power of a people is invisibly present in the masses. When danger threatens, every peasant becomes present in the masses. When danger threatens, every peasant becomes a soldier; when the war ends, he goes back to his plow.

He who is generous toward the people wins their love, and a people living under a mild rule becomes strong and powerful. Only a people economically strong can be important in military power. Such power must therefore be cultivated by improving the economic condition of the people and by humane government. Only when there is this invisible bond between government and people, so that the people are sheltered by their government as ground water is sheltered by the earth, is it possible to wage a victorious war.

An army must set forth in proper order. If the order is not good, misfortune threatens. At the beginning of a military enterprise, order is imperative. A just and valid cause must exist, and the obedience and coordination of the troops must be well organized, otherwise the result is inevitably failure. In the midst of the army. The king bestows a triple decoration. The leader should be in the midst of his army, in touch with it, sharing good and bad with the masses he leads.

This alone makes him equal to the heavy demands made upon him. He needs also the recognition of the ruler. The decorations he receives are justified, because there is no question of personal preferment here: the whole army, whose center he is, is honored in his person. Here we have a choice of two explanations. One points to defeat because someone other than the chosen leader interferes with the command; the other is similar in its general meaning, but the expression, "carries corpses in the wagon," is interpreted differently.

At burials and at sacrifices to the dead it was customary in China for the deceased to whom the sacrifice was made to be represented by a boy of the family, who sat in the dead man's place and was honored as his representative. On the basis of this custom the text is interpreted as meaning that a "corpse boy" is sitting in the wagon, or, in other words, that authority is not being exercised by the proper leaders but has been usurped by others. Perhaps the whole difficulty clears up if it is inferred that there has been an error in copying. The character fan, meaning "all," may have been misread as shih, which means "corpse.

In the face of a superior enemy, with whom it would be hopeless to engage in battle, an orderly retreat is the only correct procedure, because it will save the army from defeat and disintegration. It is by no means a sign of courage or strength to insist upon engaging in a hopeless struggle regardless of circumstances.

There is game in the field. It furthers one to catch it. Without blame. Let the eldest lead the army. The younger transports corpses; Then perseverance brings misfortune. Game is in the field--it has left its usual haunts in the forest and is devastating the fields. This points to an enemy invasion. Energetic combat and punishment are here thoroughly justified, but they must not degenerate into a wild melee in which everyone fends for himself. Despite the greatest degree of perseverance and bravery, this would lead to misfortune. The army must be directed by an experienced leader.

It is a matter of waging war, not of permitting the mob to slaughter all who fall into their hands; if they do, defeat will be the result, and despite all perseverance there is danger of misfortune. The great prince issues commands, Founds states, vests families with fiefs. Inferior people should not be employed. The war has ended successfully, victory is won, and the king divided estates and fiefs among his faithful vassals. But it is important that inferior people should not come into power. If they have helped, let them be paid off with money, but they should not be awarded lands or the privileges of rulers, lest power be abused.

The waters on the surface of the earth flow together wherever they can, as for example in the ocean, where all the rivers come together. Symbolically this connotes holding together and the laws that regulate it. The same idea is suggested by the fact that all the lines of the hexagram except the fifth, the place of the ruler, are yielding. The yielding lines hold together because they are influenced by a man of strong will in the leading position, a man who is their center of union. Moreover, this strong and guiding personality in turn holds together with the others, finding in them the complement of his own nature.

Inquire of the oracle once again Whether you possess sublimity, constancy, and perseverance; Then there is no blame. Those who are uncertain gradually join. Whoever come too late Meets with misfortune. What is required is that we unite with others, in order that all may complement and aid one another through holding together.

But such holding together calls for a central figure around whom other persons may unite. To become a center of influence holding people together is a grave matter and fraught with great responsibility. It requires greatness of spirit, consistency, and strength. Therefore let him who wishes to gather others about him ask himself whether he is equal to the undertaking, for anyone attempting the task without a real calling for it only makes confusion worse than if no union at all had taken place.

But when there is a real rallying point, those who at first are hesitant or uncertain gradually come in of their own accord. Late-comers must suffer the consequences, for in holding together the question of the right time is also important. Relationships are formed and firmly established according to definite inner laws. Common experiences strengthen these ties, and he who comes too late to share in these basic experiences must suffer for it if, as a straggler, he finds the door locked.

If a man has recognized the necessity for union and does not feel strong enough to function as the center, it is his duty to become a member of some other organic fellowship. Thus the kings of antiquity Bestowed the different states as fiefs And cultivated friendly relations With the feudal lords. Water fills up all the empty places on the earth and clings fast to it. The social organization of ancient China was based on this principle of the holding together of dependents and rulers.

Water flows to unite with water, because all parts of it are subject to the same laws. So too should human society hold together through a community of interests that allows each individual to feel himself a member of a whole. The central power of a social organization must see to it that every member finds that his true interest lies in holding together with it, as was the case in the paternal relationship between king and vassals in ancient China.

Hold to him in truth and loyalty; This is without blame. Truth, like a full earthen bowl" Thus in the end Good fortune comes from without. Fundamental sincerity is the only proper basis for forming relationships. This attitude, symbolized by a full earthen bowl, in which the content is everything and the empty form nothing, shows itself not in clever words but through the strength of what lies within the speaker.

This strength is so great that it has power to attract good fortune to itself from without. If a person responds perseveringly and in the right way to the behests from above that summon him to action, his relations with others are intrinsic and he does not lose himself. But if a man seeks association with others as if he were an obsequious office hunter, he throws himself away. He does not follow the path of the superior man, who never loses his dignity. We are often among people who do not belong to our own sphere.

In that case we must beware of being drawn into false intimacy through force of habit.

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Needless to say, this would have evil consequences. Maintaining sociability without intimacy is the only right attitude toward people, because otherwise we should not be free to enter into relationship with people of our own kind later on. Here the relations with a man who is the center of union are well established. Then we may, and indeed we should, show our attachment openly.

But we must remain constant and not allow ourselves to be led astray. Manifestation of holding together. In the hunt the king uses beaters on three sides only And forgoes game that runs off in front. The citizens need no warning. In the royal hunts of ancient China it was customary to drive up the game from three sides, but on the fourth the animals had a chance to run off. If they failed to do this they had to pass through a gate behind which the king stood ready to shoot.

Only animals that entered here were shot; those that ran off in front were permitted to escape. This custom accorded with a kingly attitude; the royal hunter did not wish to turn the chase into a slaughter, but held that the kill should consist only of those animals which had so to speak voluntarily exposed themselves. There is depicted here a ruler, or influential man, to whom people are attracted. Those who come to him he accepts, those who do not come are allowed to go their own way.

He invited none, flatters none--all come of their own free will. In this way there develops a voluntary dependence among those who hold him. They do not have to be constantly on their guard but may express their opinions openly. Police measures are not necessary, and they cleave to their ruler of their own volition. The same principle of freedom is valid for life in general. We should not woo favor from people. If a man cultivates within himself the purity and the strength that are necessary for one who is the center of a fellowship, those who are meant for him come of their own accord.

The head is the beginning. If the beginning is not right, there is no hope of a right ending. If we have missed the right moment for union and go on hesitating to give complete and full devotion, we shall regret the error when it is too late. This hexagram means the force of the small--the power of the shadowy--that restrains, tames, impedes. A weak line in the fourth place, that of the minister, holds the five strong lines in check. In the Image it is the wind blowing across the sky. The wind restrains the clouds, the rising breath of the Creative, and makes them grow dense, but as yet is not strong enough to turn them to rain.

The hexagram presents a configuration of circumstances in which a strong element is temporarily held in leash by a weak element. It is only through gentleness that this can have a successful outcome. Dense clouds, no rain from our western region. The moment for action on a large scale had not yet arrived. Hence the image of many clouds, promising moisture and blessing to the land, although as yet no rain falls. Muslims and Christians believe in the same God right? I am just so tired of listen to so many different thoughts. If you want to understand and learn the truth, you will need to put a little time and effort into it.

So I recommend that you spend some time reading these and other linked articles to educate yourself, compare what you read to other things you have heard, and satisfy yourself of the truth. And the truth is that there is only one God, and that one God is a God of pure love, who loves all the people God has created, regardless of their race, culture, or religion. We humans call God by many different names, and see God in many different ways, but it is all the same God. And God has provided a path to God and heaven for all people, everywhere, of every religion.

They let people respond with their thoughts, opinions and reflection. That includes people who disagree also. Theirs is a closed discussion. That tells me that it is THEY, not you, who are exercising thought and mind control. If they really believe that their answer is so correct, then they should let people debate it and reason with them, instead of the conversation being all one way. Thanks for stopping by, and for your thoughts.

Yes, it does seem that people and organizations that take hard-line positions are less likely to allow conversation and debate. Some conservative Christians do run blogs where there is a place for discussion. I will also usually delete comments before they appear if they are generally rude and insulting to me or to other commenters here. See my comments policy. Sometimes they do have a valid objection. But regardless of that, a healthy discussion of contrasting and opposing views helps everyone to clarify things in their own minds.

Even though we leave behind our physical body at death, because it is no longer of any use to us, we continue to live in our spiritual body, which is adapted to the spiritual world in which we live after our physical death. Our spiritual body is every bit as real, touchable, and huggable as our physical body, and it has all of the same parts, organs, and so on.

So we continue to eat, drink, run, play, work, and all of the other things we do here. Dear Mr. Woofenden, Thanks for your reply. He was in America for many years delivering his lectures in many places there. Kind regards. Thanks for your reply, and for the link.

Abhedananda emphasizes over and over again that thought and consciousness is non-material, that materialists are wrong to think that consciousness is a function of the brain, or occurs in the brain. He says that there is a distinct, spiritual part of a person where thought and consciousness occurs, which then is communicated to the body.

On these views, he is in complete agreement with Swedenborg. Abhedananda also emphasizes that our life does not end with death, but continues on, since our spirit cannot die. On these views, also, he is in complete agreement with Swedenborg. Further, Adhedananda says that after we die, we do not lose our individuality, but continue to have all our memories, and bring our experiences and character with us. However, there are also some important points of disagreement between Abhedananda and Swedenborg:. Abhedananda believes it is impossible for anything that has a beginning to continue forever.

Swedenborg, however, rejects reincarnation, and agrees with general Christian doctrine that we are born once, and then live forever in the spiritual world after we die. This is a somewhat complex doctrine, but the general idea is that our souls are not created out of nothing, but ultimately are created by and from God, and immediately from an offshoot of the soul of our parents.

Abhedananda believes that our souls have neither beginning nor end.

Abhedananda rejects the existence of both an eternal hell and an eternal heaven, saying that heaven and hell are only temporary way stations for souls in between successive births on this earth, based on what they had done, whether good or evil, in their most recent lifetime. Abhedananda believes that every soul will eventually, through a series of experiences and learning spread over many lifetimes, transcend both hell and heaven, and achieve a type of divine consciousness that is omniscient and omnipotent.

Swedenborg, by contrast, accepts the general Christian view that we will each have only one lifetime, and that our action here will determine whether we spend eternity in heaven or hell. Swedenborg rejects the idea that we will ever become divine or have divine consciousness. But he does say that we continue to learn and grow spiritually to eternity if we have chosen heaven over hell. Abhedananda seems to think that Christian belief involves God ultimately choosing who will be in heaven and who will be in hell, either in a Calvinistic sense of God outright predestining some people for heaven and some for hell, or by God giving individual people a particular inborn character and environment that will cause them either to go to heaven or to hell.

Though this does represent some Christian views including Calvinism—which I believe is a horrible travesty of Christianity , it would be rejected by most Christians. Abhedananda seems to hold to a fairly strict view of karma in which everything we have done here on earth will have a direct consequence either in the spiritual world or in our next life. For example, for those souls who go temporarily to heaven, they will reap the full measure of enjoyments that their good actions here on earth have brought about for them before reincarnating back in the material universe once again.

Swedenborg rejects this general view of things, saying, instead, that it is the character we build here on earth that continues, whereas any particular actions we have done here remain in the past. Swedenborg says that in fact, no evil spirit is punished for any evil thing he or she did here on earth, but only for the the evil things he or she continues to do in the spiritual world. Nor are angels rewarded for their good deeds on earth.

Rather, they enjoy the good fruits of the good things they continue to do in the spiritual world. One more for now: My general sense so far of what Abhedananda is teaching is that the purpose of our life here is to learn through experience, and that we reach our ultimate divine state through a process of learning everything there is to learn. This may not be how he would express it, but it is my sense of what he means. Swedenborg, by contrast, while also stressing the importance of experience and learning, says that our ultimate purpose is to grow into a being who loves God and loves our fellow human beings, in accordance with the two Great Commandments given by Jesus Christ.

So instead of seeing heaven as a place where we experience all kinds of pleasures as a reward for our good deeds on earth, Swedenborg sees heaven as a place where we experience joy and satisfaction from living a life of love and service to God and to other angels, spirits, and humans on earth. I hope this is helpful to you. This I take forever into eternity. What is your view on eternal marriage? So yes, married couples do continue to have sex in heaven just as they do here, only it is even or much better, because they are now in the spiritual world, where no earthly concerns and barriers get in the way, and the whole relationship is much clearer and closer than it can be here on earth.

As you say, sex is an important part of marriage. It is a physical expression of the spiritual reality that the two have become one. Old, traditional religious ideas would have it that sex is somehow dirty and unspiritual, and that being celibate is somehow more holy and spiritual than being married.

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In fact, the opposite is the case. A good and loving marriage is much more holy and spiritual than a celibate life. God created us from the beginning to be married. Right from the beginning, God both created and blessed human sexuality. Traditional religious notions that sex is something tainted, and not worthy of heaven, are unbiblical and just plain wrong. If marriage continues after death, so does sex. For more on this, see the first two articles in this series:. The second article, in particular, deals with the question of whether married couples in heaven have children.

So although many people in heaven do raise children who have died and gone to heaven, no new children are born in the spiritual world. For more on this, please see the second article linked above. May be the food is not necessary at all. Your comments will be highly appreciated. About your question, our spiritual bodies look and feel much the same as our physical bodies, except perhaps lighter and freer than our physical bodies. Also, whatever physical age we are when we die, we grow younger or older in body in the spiritual world until we have the body of a young adult in the prime of life.

There, we are not only young in spirit, but young in body. For more on this, please see these articles:. About what we will eat in the spiritual world, Swedenborg is not all that specific about that. I suspect there is as much variety in the diets of the various angels and spirits in the spiritual world as there is among people here on earth.

Swedenborg himself was largely, but not entirely, vegetarian in his later life, and he speaks positively of a vegetarian diet in a few places in his writings, while not actually disallowing the eating of meat.

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Whatever the specific foods may be that people eat in heaven, they do eat and enjoy their food, but they are not focused on food and drink as many people are here on earth. As the current saying goes, they eat to live rather than living to eat.

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Real time updates, cryptocurrency price prediction Theirs is a closed discussion. Oh, I hope those two crazy kids can make it work! Marius slowly recovers from his injuries. On some of the more complex issues, yes, it may be necessary to turn to theologians for understanding.

When they are eating their meals, they are more interested in the enjoyable company and conversation than in the food itself. I am, of course, very sorry about the loss of your wife. I can assure you, though, that once it comes your time to pass on from this world, you and she will once again be able to enjoy doing together all of the things that you enjoyed here. Only it will be even better, because you will be living together in heaven, where earthly and physical issues and concerns will not stand in the way of your relationship or your activities.

Dear Mr Lee, Kunal again but with a silly question. Thank you So much Mr. I feel lighter after reading those beautiful Lines mentioned about meeting your spouses in heaven.. I just lost my Husband Ryan about a month ago. Missing him so much, gone through so much of pain and now just living for my daughters. Thanks for stopping by. I hope this article has given you some comfort as you grieve his passing. Lee I truly enjoyed your article. I lost my husband 2 years to an accidental overdose.

He was an addict for years. His addiction put a huge strain on our marriage. We were married for 32 years. It was extremely difficult at times being married to him but I stuck it out because throughout all the pain he was still a very gentle and caring man. When he died we were not on the best of terms. I had pushed him away because it was the only way I could survive. I just hope he knows that I did love him but I was very angry with him at his time of death. To this day I am grieving him, missing the man I fell in love with and married.

I always assumed that if he died from his addiction I would feel like a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders and I will admit life is easier now but I think about him everyday. I hope that when my time is up we will be reunited to enjoy each other the way I had hoped it would have been when he was alive. Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your story and your thoughts.

It sounds like you had, and still have, a complicated relationship with your husband. Then again life is complicated, mainly because people are complicated. I certainly do hope that in the clearer light and atmosphere of the spiritual world, your husband has been able to resolve and kick his addiction and deal with related issues so that the two of you can have the happy reunion you long for. Can this couple get a second chance?

In the region of the spiritual world where people first go after they die, before finding their final home in either heaven or hell, there is the same freedom to look up old connections and acquaintances as there is here on earth. In fact, it is even easier to rekindle old connections there than here. Just thinking of someone causes you to be present with them, especially if they are also thinking of you.

Since there is nothing like our earthly legal marriage in the spiritual world, legal marriages that were not real marriages—based on an inner connection of mind and heart between the two people—are easily dissolved there, leaving the two individuals free to seek out a more compatible partner. As for whether the person you speak of yourself? The second chance is available. Whether it works out depends upon whether or not the two people are one in spirit. AND if we are Christian, in my case a Catholic Christian, we are never truly dead since we are eternal — eternally in heaven or hell.

SO, what is the deal with this death do we part stuff if we are spiritually united with that other eternally? My spirit is united with that man that I had my 3 children with, and the one I live with now is — for a lack of a better way to say it — a house mate — separate bedrooms and so on… There was no annulment before I married him so in the eyes of my Church there is no sacramental marriage with him and we live together, but apart.

The Catholic Church, along with most traditional Christian churches, teaches that marriage is temporary, not eternal, and that we will not be married in heaven. The second article in the series, which is linked from the end of the first, goes into more detail about forming a spiritual marriage that will last to eternity.

Obviously, as explained in these articles, I disagree with the Catholic Church about eternal marriage. Assuming you do have a real, inner connection and oneness with your first husband, I do believe that you will be with him, and fully married to him, in heaven.

And yes, the time of separation when one dies before the other is hard. But couples who are united in spirit are never really separated by death. The spirit of one is still with the spirit of the other until the partner still living on earth dies and goes on to the spiritual world, where the two reunite and continue their marriage forever. Is There Marriage in Heaven? I hope this helps.

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Feel free to continue the conversation if you have more questions. But please do read the linked articles also. They go into much more detail on these questions than I can do in the comments. Thomas Aquinas says in his Treatise on the Angels that there must be purely spiritual creatures. God produces creatures by his intellect and will. Since God is not material, the soul, with the power of intellect and will, is not material. The Angelic Doctor makes the distinction between corporeal material and incorporeal spiritual creatures in the hierarchy of creation.

Animals are wholly corporeal. Humans are composite—both corporeal and spiritual. Logically, there must also be purely spiritual creatures. Thomas also says that angelic minds are higher than human minds because intellect is above sensory perception. Imagination aids our thought processes. We need images that correspond to the world we see and touch, whereas angelic thought, unencumbered by bodies, needs no such props. Their purely spiritual nature also means that angels are difficult for us to imagine.

Art provides a model for us to appreciate angels, akin to the way chemists draw atoms as round spheres held together by sticks to show how chemical reactions proceed. But just as we know atoms do not actually look like balls, we know angels are not bright and flowing beautiful women who float in the air. Images can mislead, which brings me to the subject of light. Scripture refers to angels as light 2 Cor. Art depicts them as glowing. It is, therefore, tempting to think of angels as pure energy. Conversely, in quantum physics, photons and electrons with their mysterious wave-particle duality seem almost to transcend physics into a spiritual realm.

But this is not so, and any scientist knows it. But energy is a property transferred to objects to do work. Energy depends on matter; hence it belongs strictly to the physical realm. When theologians refer to angels as light, then, they do not use the word in the same sense as it is used in physics. This kind of light is not energy. In The City of God, St.

The light that kindled the sun, and separates day and night, originated from beyond our senses. Augustine places the creation of the angels on the first day XI, 9 because they had to be created before the earth was created, and they populated the City of God. The angels were illuminated by the true light that created them, the light that St.

This is one of many areas where angelology gets exciting. The creation of angels integrates with modern science in general. Empirical investigation requires that the universe be understood as Christianity describes it, as an ordered creation. The scientific method depends on repeatable, systematic laws of physics. Scientific theories are established on the confidence that in the beginning was the Word of God. The scientific method is also uniquely human. It relies on human intellect, the human person created in the image and likeness of God, an intelligent soul united with a sensory body.

What is the first step of the scientific method? To observe. What do we do next? We design tests, analyze data, and form conclusions—all exercises that require us to take sensory input and process it abstractly in our minds. This is why apes do not publish scientific journals. This is why angels, unlike Heisenberg and the rest of humanity, may have no uncertainty whatsoever about the whereabouts of photons and electrons. But I digress. Perhaps you understand my excitement, though. A guardian angel can be a most valuable friend to a scientist if God wills specific knowledge of nature to be gained.

Interesting how St Thomas A. That body of His bore the holes in his hands, and feet, and side, and was every bit as real and present and touchable as before He died — He was not a ghost, but a glorified BODY. And if it all makes sense to you, then of course you are free to believe as you wish, and to accept Catholic teachings on this subject. My own view is that the Catholic Church, and its theologians such as Augustine and Aquinas, went off track because they relied more on human tradition and human reason than they did on the Word of God.

Their whole system of belief about angels that you describe sounds perfectly plausible. However, it has no real basis in the Bible. There is no basis in the Bible for the idea that angels have some unknowable, unfathomable form. They are described very plainly, over and over again, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, as human beings, with human bodies.

The Bible also attributes to human beings everything that is attributed to angels, including being shining beings of light. When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai, his face shone, such that he had to put a veil over his face to avoid frightening people. See Exodus — The Bible makes no distinction between humans and angels. The distinctions that Augustine and Aquinas make between them are based on human reason, not on what the Bible says about angels. You are, of course, free to accept what Augustine and Aquinas taught about angels.

Their ideas on angels are based on human logic and tradition, not on what God says in the Bible. Human reason is fine as far as it goes. But it is a poor tool for determining the nature of spiritual things. The people of Bible times experienced angels as people, and described them as people. The angels who visited Abraham and Sarah even ate a meal that Abraham, Sarah, and their servant prepared for them see Genesis —8. There is no indication whatsoever that Abraham and Sarah thought of them as anything other than human beings, like any other honored guests who might visit, except that these human beings were messengers from God.

Why would Abraham feed a meal of bread, milk, and veal to unfathomable beings of light? And how could unfathomable beings of light sit down and eat such a meal? And why would unfathomable beings of light need to wash their feet, as described in the same passage? In short, the Bible presents angels as completely human in every way. It never says anything about angels being a separately created race of beings, or of having some unfathomable, non-human form. These ideas are based purely on human traditions and human reasoning. They have nothing to do with what the Bible teaches about angels.

So with all due respect to Augustine and Aquinas, I believe that they have misled Christians for many centuries on these subjects. I understand that the Catholic Church believes that it can promulgate teachings that have just as much authority as the Bible. I disagree with that. I believe that the Catholic Church is a human institution that can make mistakes just like any other human institution. And I do believe that many of its teachings are mistaken and unbiblical, including its teachings about angels.

However, once again, if you wish to believe what the Catholic Church teaches about angels, you are certainly free to do so. Just please be clear in your own mind that this is what the Catholic Church teaches. False prophets will come at the end of times masquerading as angels of light. They may not be the Lord or the angels of light they are conversing but the angels of darkness. Discerning them with the help of the Holy Spirit is necessary. BTW, they can also do bilocations, among others… They mimic the gifts of the holy Spirit in order to deceive souls.

Everybody and their mother translates the Bible into whatever they want it to say… They see what they want, they hear what they want, and they twist it around to make it say whatever they want. Yes, I would encourage you to read the Bible, and pay attention to what it says about angels without doctrinal preconceptions. This is just one of the reasons I think Swedenborg is not a false prophet. His description of angels fits in very closely with what the Bible describes when it describes angels. He says that they have a fully human form, and that is exactly how the Bible describes them.

Moses also became a being of light when he received the truth from God on Mt. His people were afraid when he came down from the mountain and his face shone. They probably thought he had become something non-human, just as traditional Christians commonly think of angels as something non-human.

But he was still a human being. He was simply a human being filled with the light of God, just as angels are human beings in the spiritual world filled with the light of God. Meanwhile, the Catholic authors you mention make angels into something non-human, and completely different than human beings. There is simply no basis in the Bible for that idea. So yes, false prophets will come, and you can test them by determining whether they follow or contradict the Bible on many of these basic points about God, heaven, angels, and human beings.

I understand that Catholics look to the Magisterium. But the Magisterium is made of human beings, not gods. They are just as subject to error as any other group of human beings. So although it can be comfortable to allow some group of human beings who are in authority to make our decisions for us about what to believe and what not to believe, that is ultimately a futile gesture because those human beings could also be wrong.

Anyone can read it and know what to believe and what to do to go to heaven, without the need for human theologians to interpret it for them. On some of the more complex issues, yes, it may be necessary to turn to theologians for understanding. But on the basics of salvation and becoming angels, the Bible is very clear. But anyone reading it without those doctrinal preconceptions can see easily enough what it is saying. Especially if they read the words of Jesus in the Gospels, which are the heart of the Bible. So once again, I would encourage you to read the Bible for yourself.

You will see that everywhere angels appear in the Bible, they are presented as fully human. How does an angel guard Eden and keep our first parents out after the FALL if they were the only humans created at the time? If angels are humans who have gone to their reward or punishment then where did that angel guarding Eden come from? The beings guarding the way of the tree of life i. Traditionally, cherubim have been thought of as a type of angel. However, the Bible itself never calls them angels. Cherubim were mythical winged creatures, and they could have heads of other creatures besides humans.

Angels in the Bible are never described as having wings, and they are always described as fully human. Beyond that, those early chapters of Genesis were never meant to be taken literally. They are poetic, symbolical accounts of the origins of humanity from God, and of our initial turning away from God, intended to be interpreted metaphorically, not literally. I would also remind you that if the Catholic Church is right, you will never get your chance to have the re-do with your first husband that you so dearly long for. You will have missed your chance to have a good and loving marriage with him, because the Catholic Church teaches that there is no marriage in heaven.

Consider very carefully what you will believe, and whether you will allow the Magisterium to do your thinking for you. If you do, you will have to give up any hope of ever again being with the man you love as husband and wife. Is that a hope you are prepared to give up for the sake of the Catholic Church and the Magisterium? Look into your heart, and decide for yourself whether you believe that what the Catholic Church is telling you on this subject is right, and you will never again be united in marriage with the man you love, or whether what I am telling you is right, and you will be have the joyful reunion with him that your heart longs for, and spend the rest of eternity happily married to him.

You are going to have to make up your own mind about that. In considering this question, I would recommend that you read or re-read the first two articles in this series:. First, it seems to me that the Catholic Church, in saying that marriage ends at death, is doing precisely what Jesus commanded us not to do: putting asunder what God has joined together.

What God does is not temporary, but eternal Ecclesiastes Second, I do not believe God is so cruel as to give us a beautiful, deep, joyous, and satisfying relationship such as marriage, only to snatch it away from us just as we enter into the fullness of eternal life. Truth may sometimes be hard, but it is never cruel.

I have had conversations with too many widows and widowers who are heartbroken and in great pain because they believe that they will never be married to their beloved husband or wife again. Teaching people that is just plain cruel. And the Bible simply never says that. So instead of taking the word — words — of the Catholic Church and all the thinkers through all the centuries which make up the Magisterium — past and present — and instead believe one man — Swedenborg? How does that make sense? How can you trust this one man? Short version: I trust Swedenborg because his teachings are in full accord with the Bible, whereas the teachings of the Magisterium are not.

Also, you mentioned in another reply that Steve Ray probably did not follow Catholic doctrine on the marriage after death thing… Well, how can you MAKE anybody follow anything? In your heart of hearts your going to believe what your heart desires and if your heart desires to be with your husband for all eternity then who can stop that?

Yes, people can believe what they want regardless of what their church tells them. And on the subject of marriage in heaven, I would encourage you to listen to Mr. Ray and to your own heart rather than listening to the Catholic Church. And if being a Catholic is meaningful to you, who am I to say anything about that?

As for a comparison between Swedenborg and L. Ron Hubbard, that could be made only by someone who knows very little about one or the other or both. You can look up Hubbard and Scientology for yourself. There is plenty of material out there about their strange beliefs and their cult-like organization and practices. By contrast, Swedenborg never made any attempt to gain followers or start a church. It was only fifteen years after his death that some Swedenborg readers in London, England, decided to start a church.

And except for its teachings, what they set up was virtually indistinguishable from any other traditional Christian church. See if you can Google this article — Steve Ray — who is trying to reassure his mom about marriage after death…. Marriage in Heaven? Thanks for the reference. I agree with most of what Mr. Ray says, and of course with his main points that Jesus did not say that there was no marriage in heaven, and that happily married spouses on earth will still be together in heaven. He has made many of the same points that I do in the first article in this series.

The rest would be sons of their biological father. See Deuteronomy —6. And not just Catholics…Angels… They know the things of nature as God knows them, perceiving the essential meaning of every created thing, and the holiness of it. Yet Angels cannot know the intensity of the world perceived through the senses: the blessing of coolness, the pleasure of summer smells, sea smells, fire smells, the satisfying flavors of food and drink.

Yet in this homey space with our brains, our human consciousness, we have a point of connection with God himself that Angels cannot share. And Lewis is more concerned about the danger of a wrong conception of angels than about obliviousness to them…. They are given wings.

They are given human form because man is the only rational creature we know. Creatures higher in the natural order than ourselves, either incorporeal or animating bodies of a sort we cannot experience, must be represented symbolically if they are to be represented at all. In the plastic arts these symbols have steadily degenerated. Later come the chubby infantile nudes of Raphael; finally the soft, slim, girlish and consolatory angels of nineteenth-century art. They are a pernicious symbol. Yes, the angels longed to see the salvation brought by Jesus Christ.

Only that they waited anxiously for the day it would come. Interesting thoughts about the human depictions of angels over the centuries. I will say, though, that the angels depicted as naked infants are meant to portray the innocence of angels. Christ said that unless we become like a little child, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. So yes, depicting angels as powerful, fearsome beings is right and good. But depicting them as innocent babes is also right and good. There are different types of angels just as there are different types of people.

Swedenborg described the highest, heavenly angels as looking like infants or young children playing together from a distance, but when he got close to them they appeared like resplendent adults, and very powerful. Their appearance as infants or children from a distance was due to their great innocence, meaning both an unwillingness to do any harm and a complete trust in God to lead them and care for them. I believe that angels are all people who have chosen to live from love for God and the neighbor, as Jesus taught, and who then go on to live in heaven.

Thanks for all your patience with me with all my questions. I lost my beloved wife on 11th May It was too early for her to leave this world- which was me and our 10 year old daughter. She died of a very rare ovarian cancer where none of the medicines worked. I am devastated as she was a very caring and loving wife. Though I am not Christian I found solace in the above discussion and look forward to unite with her in heaven. God loves Christians and non-Christians alike, and will reunite you with your wife when it comes your time to leave this world for the other. But she is still with you in spirit.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter. Thank you for reading this and may God bless you. Sincerely, Lisa C. Her death was one way so cruel, she was Raped and Murdered, people that did that are still on loose. In your other articles you mentioned of Stages after life, which stage is hell and which one is eternity. My worry is I loved my Wife so much such that if is refered to hell what happens please help me understand here, May God grant her special place where she can wait for happily.

In the other articles you mentioned that if we go in spirit form we will be able to see through how much we love each other, so can she see through me how much Love I have for her that she never saw while on earth in her human form? I do hope that the criminals who attacked her are found and brought to justice. For her, though, the pain and suffering is over. She is in the care of loving angels who will give her love and comfort, and take care of every want and need she may have until she is recovered and ready to begin her new life in the spiritual world.

And yes, God has a place for her to live until it comes your time to rejoin her. The fact that you love her and care for her so much tells me that she is a good person. And God does not allow any good person to end out in hell. She may live in the world of spirits until you arrive, or she may find her home in heaven and wait for you there. And yes, her spirit is with you, and she can feel both your pain at losing her and your great love for her.

As the article says, death has no power to separate the spirits of those who are one in spirit. Now, because this attraction hides deep within each particle of a male and each particle of a female, and because the ability and the drive to join together into one is in each particle, a mutual and reciprocal love for the other sex remains with people after death.

If after death we remain male and female as God created us, how could it be any different? What would be left of our maleness and our femaleness if we did not feel a love and desire to be united together in love? And so once again, Swedenborg simply takes the reality of our gender identity as a core aspect of our self to its logical conclusion.

If we continue to be male or female after death, we will continue to have all the sexual and marriage-related loves, drives, and desires that we feel here on earth. Furthermore, the type of sexual or marriage love that we choose and grow into here on earth also continues in the afterlife. But if as adults we choose to value love, faithfulness, commitment, and oneness of mind and heart with our partner and soulmate, then our loves and feelings will continue in the same way after death, and we will live eternally in a happy marriage relationship with our soulmate.

If we are married to the wrong person here on earth, or have been married several times, that will all get sorted out so that we end out with the person who is truly one with us in spirit. For people who are happily married to their true spiritual partner here on earth, after death their relationship picks up right where it left off, and continues on to eternity. In fact, when one partner dies before the other, as usually happens, spiritually the relationship is not even interrupted.

About such couples whose souls are united, Swedenborg writes:. The two of them are not even separated by the death of one, since the spirit of the deceased husband or wife continues to live with the husband or wife who is not yet deceased. And so to very sad widows and widowers everywhere, who have lived in a deep, loving, and happy marriage with your partner, I can assure you that your husband or wife is still with you.

If you feel his or her presence at times, that is not an illusion or a hallucination. He or she really is still living together with you in spirit. And when it comes your time to move from this world to the next, you will rejoin your beloved soulmate. Then, as the classic fairy tales all say, the two of you will live happily ever after. This article is a response to various comments and questions by readers here on the blog, and to a spiritual conundrum submitted by a reader. Lee Woofenden is an ordained minister, writer, editor, translator, and teacher. He enjoys taking spiritual insights from the Bible and the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and putting them into plain English as guides for everyday life.

Why do you believe in an afterlife, perhaps this is all there is? Hello Lee, I have a question. One died and now I ask is there any possible way they could be spiritually married in heaven together if the timing was off on earth? The answer would depend greatly on the specific people and situation.

If they are very far from each other spiritually, such as having a entirely different and conflicting outlook on God, spirituality, and life in general, then they would not be together in heaven. They will each find another partner in the afterlife that fits better with who they are and how they think and feel about life. I think that in some but certainly not all cases in which one partner dies years before the other, it may be because the one still alive needs more time to work on his or her spiritual life and character to catch up with his or her partner.

If you are thinking of a more specific situation, or something not covered by these thoughts, feel free to continue the conversation. Lee, Thank you so much for your response. I would agree with what you said. The interesting thing is the person who passed away had a lot of demons where as the one still living was a safe harbor of love.

He told her he loved her but that being with her would be like winning the lottery and then losing it. But he also was the one who had gifts for the less fortunate at Christmas and in the chaos of his pains could still see past himself to think of others. He died of an accidental overdose. My family believes he would of married me in life had he been able to, he declared that himself once. They believe he knows now how much I cared for him and that I will see him again.

I meant also to add we dated 6 years and lost contact after I moved because his numbers were disconnected. When I learned of his death I learned just hope deep my love was for him. In my son was diagnosed with brain cancer. I am a single mother to a son with autism who developed brain cancer and God saved my boy. In my heart I believe this man even with his trials was my soulmate. I believe had he remained alive he would have come back around and we would have reconnected.

He cared for his parents till each of their deaths. I know I want to believe I will see him again, that he is saved and happy and that we can love again. Or if he loves me even now. So interested in your beliefs. Lee, I cannot express my peace, happiness, joy and hope I found in your words. I will live with an open heart and joyfully without complaint in expectation of seeing Jayson again and in the blessed fact he is being healed.

I agree with your theory that Jayson had enough of this world. One question left for you, do you believe he will think of me or love me still while we are in separate worlds? Or are we completely separated spiritually until I arrive there? Thanks Lee for your comfort and truth. I will purchase these books. These truths of Heaven really resonate with me.

To broaden what it says in the last section of the above article, people whose spirits are connected to one another are not separated by death. They continue to be near each other in spirit until the one who is still living on this earth joins the other in the spiritual world. Also, in the spiritual world thinking of another person causes that other person to be present with you.

Even as you were attempting to reconnect with Jayson, your thoughts were bringing you together with him in spirit. Meanwhile, if you have further questions now or as you read the two books that I recommended to you, please feel free to leave further comments. There are also many other articles here on Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life that cover these topics.

I spent hours online and even had consulted a private investigator to find him. And over the last 4 years he has appeared in my dreams at least 3 times. The dreams are always nice just us being together. I never remember specifics just the good feelings. Now with all I understand I know this is not coincidence and that he must be there to connect with me.

I could never thank you enough for discussing with me and I will get these books and continue my studies and I hope he appears in many more dreams. Angel, Thank you. Blind faith is not faith. I could spend my life blindly believing I will reunite with Jayson because I want to but if there is no basis for that belief can that be true faith pleasing to God? God bless. Thanks for filling me in further on your situation. I was pretty sure this situation was more personal than theoretical!

It certainly sounds like you had a strong connection that was spiritual first and physical second, which is how it should be. He was thinking and acting for the benefit of others, not just for his own benefit. In the end, the heart, whichever way it is headed, wins out over the rest.

God makes sure of that. In some cases of drug overdose, I believe God allows it to happen because God sees that the person is overwhelmed with life, and had reached the end of his or her rope. This is just a theory. I would suggest both not shutting yourself off entirely from the possibility that there might be someone else for you and not settling for anything less than what you have felt with Jayson. If you really want to grow your faith about the afterlife and about marriage, and are ready to go deep, here are two books that will do it for you:.

The links are to their Kindle editions on Amazon. There are print versions available also. If you do order them, keep in mind that they were written over two hundred years ago. Some of the language and perspective is a bit old-fashioned. But they are still the best books available on the afterlife and on the spiritual realities of marriage. Im sending love and light for you. Please know you where an inspiration to your departed love one, he is always with you maybe even more now in spirit than on earth plane.

The comment in the article regarding promiscuous behavior…my wife lived a promiscuous lifestyle her whole adult life but became a Christian at age We met 2 weeks after she was baptized and later married and had a wonderful,although short, marriage. She died at age We loved each other faithfully. Does Swedenborg anywhere suggest my deceased wife would be prone to or tempted to her old lifestyle or will her conversion and faithfulness the last 8 years of her life supercede her lifelong behavior prior to our marriage?

Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment and question. In response, if your wife was faithful for the last eight years of her life, it is very unlikely that she would be tempted to return to her old promiscuous lifestyle. It is not what we have done in the past, but what we are doing in the present that matters.

And eight years is plenty of time to establish a new pattern of life that replaces the old. Thank you, Lee. What had worried me after reading a little of Swedenborg, was that weaknesses and temptations given into in this life would carry over into the next life. If your wife was faithful to you for eight years, I think you can relax about her being tempted back into her former life. Why would she go back? Thank you for the. Imformation about marriage couples. So sorry to hear about your losing your wife and daughter. I hope the articles here are giving you some comfort and hope.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The passing of my precious wife Anne brought me to spiritual matters and Swedenborg and your article is both wonderful and comforting. But how do we live meanwhile , without the physical presence of our loved one — what should our attitude and outlook be? Should we seek companionship with another to get thru the lonely years?

I feel lost without her but have rediscovered God I know.. That is one of the most difficult and painful things that can happen to anyone. About seeking companionship after the death of a spouse, that is a very personal decision. Others will have no particular desire to do so, especially if their relationship with their wife or husband was very close. And even some who did have a close and loving relationship will stare into the void of so many years of loneliness, and in time will seek and find another partner and companion.

One such person I know whose beloved wife died far too early eventually came to the conclusion that his deceased wife would not want him to suffer through decades of loneliness for the rest of his life on earth. Life is messy. I am glad to hear that even the pain of losing your wife brought a certain blessing with it in bringing you closer to God and spirit.

I want to be with her so badly…I am 58 and am healthy to my knowledge…I moved here to Va and found out that my brother has stage 3 cancer and have been caring for him. My Wonderful Wife of Decades that I found so many writings from her has let me know things that she felt…. She Love me so much…. The Most Wonderful Woman I have ever been near. I am helping as best that I can. Tina and I are so special… The tears never stop…. That is one of the most painful things any human can experience. The grieving and tears are perfectly understandable, and necessary for our emotional health and recovery.

I do hope that this article has given you some comfort and hope that even though you may have many years left on this earth, her death is not the end of your marriage. The two of you will have a joyful reunion when it comes your time to shuffle off this mortal coil. We cannot always know what God has in mind for us when things like this happen. Not just selling wine, of course, but working on our soul. And I believe that people who outlive their beloved wives or husbands here on earth are growing in spirit and building the character that will make it possible for them to have an even closer and more loving marriage with their loved one in heaven.

And yet, no one promised that life would be easy. We press on, we do our work, and we wait on the Lord for comfort and, in the end, a joy with our love beyond even what we experienced here on earth. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. Marriage will pass away.

Maybe we will get glorified bodies that no longer crave sex. I believe our spouse on earth will be our friend in Heaven. Jesus is our husband in Heaven and we are not lonely with Him by our side. The reality is that Jesus simply did not say that there is no marriage in heaven.

As is common in traditional Christianity, its leaders and teachers have paid attention to only one or two verses in the Bible, and have ignored many other passages, including other things that Jesus himself said about marriage. And they have completely misread and misunderstood those few passages that they do pay attention to. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Mark —9. So if God has joined two people together in marriage, that marriage is not temporary, but will endure forever. In reality, traditional Christian leaders and teachers, by their complete misunderstanding of the Scriptures on this point, are doing exactly the same thing as the ancient Jewish religious leaders and teachers did.

I met my soulmate Anne and she showed me true God given love for 37 years on this Earth. Those who have not walked in these shoes of bereavement simply cannot comprehend the pain and despair of having your soul ripped in two. God would not have brought us together only to cruelly desperate us forever. I just cannot accept that.

The more I study Swedenborg the more it makes sense. Excited to see God! Wow — can I even compute that? But my quest now is to try to understand my spirituality and God of course. I need Him to help my loneliness for her. This is a wonderful site bringing much comfort. I, for one, long to be married more than anyone.

I highly doubt all three men will want to share her in Heaven. Also, all three men had wives prior to her who also died. So are they all going to live in a polygamous relationship? Maybe not. In any case, we have a spiritual body that is perfect and needs nothing. Why would be need to have sexual relations? We are all going to love each other deeply in a totally perfect way. It sounds like you have not yet read the first two articles in this series. Most of the issues and concerns you raise here are addressed in them. In particular, everyone who wants to be married is married in heaven, regardless of whether they found and married their true love here on earth.

So you have nothing to fear. I do hope you will read them. But I think and hope they will clear up many things for you. I have read a number of articles on your blog. I know that you long for a good and loving relationship with a man who will become your husband.

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Neither do I want you to finally find that man but have your marriage to him lessened by the continual thought that it is only a temporary relationship that will end with death. Hi Lee — wonderful site , full of hope but what does God say about bereavement? I am in my 4 th year without her and grieve as much , if not more , than ever for her. All I want is to be in that special place with her forever. I have friends and family but I hate to say even they cannot ease my grief. Why do we have to endure thus awful situation after being so very happy with each other? Yes, the pain of separation is very real and very deep.

If your wife were to travel to some remote area of the world where there is no communication with the outside world, and stay there indefinitely, it would be the same feeling, even if you knew that she is still alive. The separation itself leaves a huge hole in your heart, mind, and life. The reality is that our life here on earth often is very harrowing and painful.

And though it may sound harsh, that is part of what this physical universe, and our time in it, is designed for. Though we do also have many joys and pleasures here on earth, the pain, suffering, and grief that we experience here is part of the sifting and development of our soul that forges us into the person we will be in eternity. Although the easy, fun, and joyful times are absolutely necessary for our emotional well-being, it is the harrowing times of deep testing of the soul that cause our greatest spiritual growth and maturing if we take them as such, and throw the force of our mind and spirit against them to engage in the painful growth required to become a fully mature spiritual human being.

Now the concrete version. Mind you, this is only my perception from the outside, so I could be way off the mark. In some of your previous comments here, you have related how your beloved and now deceased Anne brought you to God, showed you God and true love, and so on. That, of course, was a precious gift. However, one of the traits of character we are meant to develop here on this earth is the ability to stand on our own two feet, so that we can be a fully equal partner with our eternal wife or husband.

And my sense was that he had depended upon her for his faith. And yet, our faith is supposed to depend upon God, and be in God, not in and dependent upon another human being. You also mention that her passing brought you to Swedenborg, and by extension, to your own searches for spiritual understanding and faith. Perhaps this is why you are still here on earth, without your beloved Anne.

Perhaps, instead of depending upon her faith and connection to God, you needed time to develop your own—which, unfortunately, you would not have done if she had outlived you. Perhaps this time without her, as painful and grief-filled as it is, is God giving you an opportunity to develop your own direct faith in and knowledge of God and spirit, so that when it comes your time to die, you and your beloved Anne will be truly a match for each other spiritually —which is the only kind of match and oneness that matters in the spiritual world.

God knows that your life is one of struggle, sorrow, and void without your wife. And God does look upon you with compassion, and suffer with you during this very difficult time of your life. And yet, perhaps God, in his love and mercy, is allowing you to experience these years of struggle for spiritual meaning and for some faith in God within your own self, not dependent upon anyone else, precisely because God sees that this is what is necessary for you to be a true partner and match for Anne, so that the two of you can be together in eternity.

Thank you for your quick and lengthy reply — I am grateful you have taken the time and thought in your reply and I really appreciate that. Yes I do understand the general thrust of what you say and interpreted in this way it makes the period of pain and loss a worthwhile sacrifice , if that is the right word , and I really do know that only God can get me through this. Initially I looked for diversion in keeping busy , buying material things and reaching out to others in the same position for a quick fix. I now understand that this is not the answer although I value and live my new friends.

When Anne passed over , I desperately needed to know she was still alive somewhere else. The thought that she was just no more was too much too bear and that we would never be together again was inconceivable to me. In the first year I was lucky enough to have signs that she was around , about 10 in all , both lovely and pure. I just knew she was alive in another realm. Yet the being apart from her was unbearable , she is my perfect woman and so right for me and I gave and received such love and felt blessed.

Anne was a ordinary person like most of us , and we conducted our lives in routine and happiness , raising two lovely children and thinking we would carry on forever — even when she was ill we never lost hope and I felt we could get through anything as long as we were together. She did in fact not express any great faith to me directly , but her compassion and godliness for others was often showed in her work at the hospital where she worked and if course to her beloved family. In fact she used to say she envied people that had a great faith. But I know she had Godliness in her without knowing it , so perhaps there is some truth in your view.

I can live with the idea that God is giving me more time to develop my spirituality and I trust Him fully in believing he will bring us together again — forever … but it can be so hard to life in a world without her near me , so I must develop my inner strength to find some peace and look forward so much to the day we are reunited through Gods love. You are very welcome. About Anne envying people who had great faith, I would make a distinction between people saying they have great faith and people actually having great faith.

The two may be together. Other people make their living talking about God, faith, spirit, and so on—and that professional expression of faith may or may not express a true solid faith within themselves. And if I may say so, it is common for women, especially, who do have an inner abiding faith not to spend a lot of time talking about it, or even thinking about it in any intellectual way. And biblically, faith is not even a belief as Christians often use the word today. About understanding God, there are a number of articles here that speak about the nature of God and our relationship with God.

I could give you some links to a few of them if that would be helpful. How would she know if one of them was a soul mate , or all three at different times?? However, it captures and expresses very well the idea that real marriage is based on a connection of souls, meaning of minds and hearts. And I do believe that is the real basis for any lasting marriage—and certainly for any eternal marriage. About the woman who has had three relationships, it is possible, and quite common, for us to love someone who turns out not to be our soulmate.

We humans are wired to love another person closely and dearly. If we were capable only of loving our true soulmate, where would we be if that person lives on another continent, or is married to someone else, or is already dead? We would be left high and dry, without the possibility of forming a good marriage here on earth. And more pragmatically, there would be a serious problem procreating and continuing the human race.

This is quite common. Marriage is one of the most powerful forums for spiritual growth. Even being married to someone who is not the right mate for our soul still brings us into close, daily relationship with another person, and requires us to grow up spiritually, think of another person first, and become less selfish. So the ability to have a good marriage with someone who ultimately is not our soulmate is also given to us for our eternal wellbeing. One more point for now: As long as we are living here on earth, our character is still engaged in a formative process.

Many people go through major changes of character from their teens and twenties to their fifties and sixties. This may mean that someone who was a good partner for us at twenty or thirty may no longer be a match for us at fifty or sixty. Either we or they or both may have become a whole different person.

Once we move on to the spiritual world, we no longer go through these sorts of major changes of character. We do still continue to grow spiritually, but we grow in the direction that we set here on earth. We no longer change direction in any major way. So at that point, there will be no further need to change partners. There will be one other person who has, through her or his life on earth, moved onto the same path we are traveling on. And that is the person we will stay with to eternity. I was so glad 2 know he was ok! Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Thanks for stopping by, and for telling your story. Will I See Them Again? About suicide: The Bible does not say that people who commit suicide will go to hell. That is a human idea. Though people who commit suicide may have some hard experiences on the other side because of the state of mind they were in that led them to kill themselves, they can go to heaven just like anyone else if they are good people at heart.

He was probably too young to have taken full adult responsibility for his own life and choices. No one goes to hell unless they knowingly choose a selfish and evil life as a self-responsible adult. For more on suicide from a spiritual perspective, please see: Does Suicide Work? And though you may or may not want to hear it, I would suggest that even though this young man said God told him you and he were meant to be together, that you not cut yourself off from all possibility of a relationship with someone here on earth.

Presumably you are still young and have a long life ahead of you. Would someone who loves you really want you to be alone and lonely for your whole life? Things change, and people change. Perhaps that young man was meant to be with you. But his committing suicide changed everything. Actions have consequences. Of course, you will have to make up your own mind what you think, and what you will do.

Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Fiona, thank you for your comment about seeing your departed in heaven! My husband Ben passed 2 years ago and letters like yours help so much. Going to church and praying to my cross have made me much better.

Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment. Our thoughts and prayers are with you until it comes time for you to rejoin him in heaven. Thank you fir your reply. I also have seen another site from an online physic that dismisses the notion of soulmates which again is more than upsetting..

It is a little hard to discern the real truth of the afterlife sometimes and the conflicting interpretations that come our way. I have taken to trusting God and also I guess Swenenborg as I love the whole concepts stated and do believe in soulmates and special love ones whom we want to reunite and spend eternity with. I personally am very much assured that these things are real. However, many other people struggling with these issues are not.

Many people operate on the hope that they are real without full assurance that they are real. About psychics, I would suggest not giving too great a weight to their pronouncements and opinions. People who gain their information from spiritual and psychic sources without proper grounding generally will have whatever notions they already had confirmed, whether or not those notions are actually true. Is it a Good Idea to Contact Spirits? Of course, ultimately you will have to make up your own mind about these issues.

Unlike the psychics and mediums, Swedenborg spent nearly three decades visiting and traveling around in the spiritual world. This gave him a solid knowledge of what that world is like, and how things work there. Personally, I have no doubts at all that we will live with the one we love to eternity in heaven—assuming we make the choice here on earth for heaven rather than for hell.

And those of us who have experienced true marriage know that it is the greatest source of happiness among all of our human relationships. That is something a loving God would never cruelly rip away from us just when we are entering into the eternal reward for our labors here on earth.

We are still male and female after death

I am in the same boat as you, David. God bless you. Based on my own experiences over the past four painful years, I believe and concur with everything that Lee has said. My wife catholic, before I was not interested in religion now I believe in God, because God gives me the answer! God always has a plan that is best for us, his death made me closer to God.

I am sorry to hear about the death of your wife. Thank you for your wonderful articles. They have been a source of great comfort for me. I lost my father on Feb. He had been ill for a couple of years, but still his passing has it me very hard. He was not a regular churchgoer. Having said that I can count on one hand how many times I heard my father talk about or judge anyone. Do you have an article you can point me to or words of comfort for those who have lost a parent?

Thank you again, Tina. I am sorry to hear about the death of your father. That is very recent. It sounds like he was a good man, whom God will gladly welcome into heaven. In Matthew I believe Jesus was speaking generally to all of his followers, and to all people, not just to his immediate disciples.

And he was not giving some sort of apostolic authority over others to bind and loose heaven to them, as the Catholic Church very wrongly and blasphemously believes. Rather, he was saying that what each of us does here on earth binds or looses our eternal life in heaven accordingly. The keys to heaven are in our own hands—not to open or close it for others, but to open or close it for ourselves. The same principle applies to marriage. Whatever attitudes and practices relating to marriage we develop here on earth for ourselves, and with our spouses, will follow us into the spiritual world.

If we disrespect marriage, sleep around, and generally engage in a promiscuous and self-indulgent life here on earth, that will not change in the spiritual world. There we will find ourselves eternally on the wrong side of the great gulf, where real marriage is nonexistent because everyone is focused only on his or her own pleasure, with no interest in or ability to love another person. But if we respect marriage and are faithful and loving in marriage—or in our attitudes and intentions toward marriage if we are not fortunate enough to be married here on earth—that also will not change in the spiritual world.

There we will find ourselves happily married to our true love and spiritual partner eternally in heaven. Are you ever in tune with absolutely everything I believe about marriage, sex and being male and female. All the other articles I looked up said the complete opposite. I truly believe God is married as well as Jesus and Angels. I have met my soulmate and we know with all our hearts that we will be together for eternity. Thanks for your uplifting and truthful article. Keep doing Gods work! Annette and I wish the two of you all happiness together! I am twice widowed. So where exactly does this leave me?

However, in the spiritual world it will become clear which one we are spiritually at one with, and that will be the one we remain with to eternity. Only God knows. It really maked me happy and filled me with hope. But I still wonder, my husband and I have really found true love in each other. But I am Christian and he is Muslim. Does that means that he will be punished?

He loves God and worship him so well and is so thankful for everything he got in life.

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Will we still be together? Will God accept our wishes to be together in heaven even our religions are different? I am so afraid that God will separate me from him when he dies.. What can you say about this? I really hope to hear from you soon. Our religions on earth are adapted to our different cultures and backgrounds, and are designed by God to provide the teachings, the faith, and the practices that we need to be reborn as a new person who is faithful to God and loving to our neighbor.

This can happen in any religion. And for those who do this spiritual work of becoming a good, loving, and faithful person, there is not punishment waiting in the afterlife, but blessedness. Further, then we will see things far more clearly than we do here. God and the angels will teach us what we need to know and believe for living in heaven—and those whose hearts are good will listen, learn, and accept spiritual truth that goes beyond even what the different religions here on earth can offer.