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Richard Stiennon argues the era of cyber warfare has already begun. Successful completion of three IT Masters free short courses may make you eligible for university credit.

How concerned are you about the damage cyberwar activity could cause to your organization?

You can't just leave them sitting out there. This was the first time that modern cyber attacks were used in conjunction with a physical attack. DDoS, communications tampering, and espionage, particularly focusing on compromising email servers, are all mentioned as being in the forefront of developments. Please use this display as a guideline and modify as needed. Your own hosting website may have a bandwidth limitation on it and it is very easy for an attacker to use up all of your bandwidth and your service provider will shut you down because they see that your contract at value.

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About IT Masters. Moderate-level short course where some prior knowledge or concepts may be assumed. Content may be aimed at late-undergraduate or early-Masters students.

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Information Sessions. Terrorists and Cyber. The looming threat of cyber terrorism Terrorist communication Technology Race: Terrorists vs Establishment.

Second Edition

The book continues through a number of other chapters that help to provide context and explain the path cyberwarfare has been taking for the last 20 years. In less detail, the book examines countries like Israel, Pakistan, and North Korea.

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Israel is pointed out in particular as a highly advanced country, technologically, that is moving quickly forward into the cyber realm. Along with the historical background and a look into some of the players developing cyber capabilities, Mr. Stiennon also goes through a number of technical examples to provide another layer of understanding.

Surviving Cyberwar

These technical discussions rarely require a deep level of understanding into the implementation or underlying technology; yet they help to provide examples of what is actually possible. These examples also help to demonstrate how wide spread some of these issues are by looking at worms like SQL Slammer or trojans like gh0st RAT[ 4 ].

Stiennon explores the current situation in cyberspace. He explains what a variety of nations are doing to prepare, both offensively and defensively, for future engagements.

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The book also goes into the structure and techniques required to properly handle large scale cyber events. A year later, a Georgian blogger going by the name Cyxymu[ 7 ] speaking against Russia had his twitter, Facebook, blogger, and LiveJournal accounts targeted by a massive DDoS. The book points out the effectiveness of these types of attacks and that despite the investments made to build infrastructure capable of handling the user-load these sites see, some of the largest online communities were affected.

Stiennon closes the book by looking at cyberwar from an operational standpoint. DDoS, communications tampering, and espionage, particularly focusing on compromising email servers, are all mentioned as being in the forefront of developments.

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Surviving Cyberwar [Richard Stiennon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Military and intelligence leaders agree that the next major war is . Editorial Reviews. Review. Richard Stiennon's Surviving Cyberwar is not only a valuable primer on the alarmingly advanced state of the art of cyber conflict but a .

Stiennon suggests that there are four pillars of cyberwar: intelligence, technology, logistics, and command. Without good sources of information, an understanding of the underlying mechanics, a process for managing the requirements, and a structure to handle decision making and prioritization effectively operating in cyberspace is a difficult task.

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Stiennon describes a number of ways that countries or organizations for that matter can strengthen their position. A few that I particularly liked were:.