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Winning With Data I had high hopes for this book. Not only do I have a ton of respect for Tomasz Tunguz, his blog consistently has great insights. But this book fell way short. It starts strong by accurately describing the problem that every organization goes through attempting to wrangle their data as they grow. Unfortunately, the rest of the book and solutions are pretty weak.

Even as a case study for Looker, the book fails to deliver. Nor do I understand the core principles that should be used as inspiration in other tools or data infrastructures.

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Getting to Yes This is one of the most popular and highly recommended books on negotiation. You need to read it. In particular, Getting to Yes resonated with my style of empathy and seeing each issue from the other side when trying to get to an agreement. UX for Lean Startups Lots of solid tactics and advice for how to put together mockups and prototypes in order to get feedback.

A good but not great book. Lean Customer Development Some good tips on doing customer development. Monetizing Innovation Not worth reading. Dotcom Secrets Russell Brunson is one of the up-and-coming info-product marketers. And his book is solid. Lots of great funnels, tactics, and a reliable strategy to build your own business. If you want to know how many of the experts run their funnels, this is a great place to start. FIRE A book that should never have gone beyond a blog post.

The framework is simple enough that the subtitle explains everything you need to know: make projects fast, inexpensive, restrained, and elegant. Then good things will happen. And the writing it atrocious, lots of tangents and constant failed attempts at humor. Scrum A book on scrum from the guy that created it.

Everyone in management or project management should read this book. I was wrong. It champions the philosophy of focus and the book is anything but focused. It was originally published in which makes me doubt whether or not any of these strategies still work. Every game especially investing evolves over time. So tread carefully. Definitely read it. Extreme Ownership There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.

If you manage a team or aspire to, you need to read this book. Each chapter breaks down a core leadership principle taught to Navy SEAL teams, a story of how the lesson was learned during combat operations in Iraq, and then applies the same lesson to a business context. The Fifth Discipline I deeply believe in building learning into the core culture of a company. The companies that learn the fastest, grow the fastest.

This book will give you a much better understanding for how to set your own goals as well as setting goals for others. How Asia Works A very interesting dive into the different development policies of Asia and how their produced completely different outcomes. My biggest take-home point was how development policies need to change as economies mature. Many of the policies we take for granted in a modern economy can completely prohibit growth in a economy at an earlier stage.

Be warned, this book goes into extreme detail, probably a bit too much. The Walmart story is a great one, I came away with a much deeper respect for the company after reading this book. Against the Gods The history of probability. You can safely skip this one. Decisive A solid framework on the main biases that impact our decisions. Superbosses Many fields have a superboss that find, recruit, and develop a disproportionate amount of talent in the field. And many of the biggest names can trace their careers back to that superboss. Jon Stewart being an example for comedy talent.

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Unfortunately, the book is poorly written, lacks structure, and offers horrible advice on how to become a superboss yourself. Even though it starts with a great premise, it completely fails to deliver anything other than a couple of anecdotes on the topic. Exponential Organizations One of those books that represents the worst side of tech optimism.

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How will we grow? Viral loops! How will we scale? What features should we build? Hubspot is the company that just about every other B2B SaaS company is now trying to emulate. If you are in B2B sales or marketing, you need to read this book. TV audiences were being underserved by bland and generic shows, and a few networks with nothing to lose began experimenting with new formats which took off.

Yet very few managers have spent time to perfect the weekly habits of their team. I was already doing about half of what this book recommends and implementing the rest is now my top-priority. If you want to run a high-caliber team, read this book. From Impossible to Inevitable I had incredibly high hopes for this book. It is THE playbook for building an inside sales team.

But to be honest, this book was a let-down. Instead of another deep-dive on the Marketing and Sales inside sales model, the second half of the book bounces between management and self-help. Otherwise, skip it. The book attempts to derive lessons on the types of innovation that leads to record-setting growth whereas the wrong type of innovation leads to bankruptcy. However, it seems like many of the problems with LEGO had nothing to do with innovation or the type of innovation that the company was pursuing.

Poor management, lacking financial controls, and rampant cost over-runs brought the company to the edge.

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How Brands Grow One of those books that convinces you that everything your know about marketing is wrong. Mining Group Gold A deep dive on everything that you should be doing to run effective meetings. The author worked at Xerox and has spent the majority of his career managing corporate meetings. Like a lot of business books, it does a poor job at reducing the frameworks down to the essential items that you should prioritize. Also, it definitely has a corporate slant to it. Many of the recommendations are definitely overkill for a small or medium size business. The Trusted Advisor Some good tactics for building trust with clients.

But it could have been reduced to a blog post. Not an essential read. The Most Important Thing One of my favorite new investment books. If you want to push your investment returns beyond the aggregate returns of the market, this is where you want to start. But the philosophies are sound. Both of these should be required reading for every marketer and executive. An updated version of this book also has 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding. The Dip One of my favorite Seth Godin books.

Simple, short, and to the point. But you also need to know when that dip is just a dead-end. You can only get so many projects through the dip so pick wisely and focus. Getting Past No An excellent book that breaks tough negotiating down into 5 key steps. Highly recommend for everyone. But does this really provide a positive ROI? The Everything Store A solid look at the history behind Amazon.

But it seems pretty even-handed. This book is spot on with how difficult this stage is. But you have none of the resources, processes, and culture to support a more complex operation. Not only is this stage super stressful for the entire team, you either make it or you have to pull back entirely. Very few managers and founders acknowledge how high the stakes are during this stage. The content is very basic and a bit superficial. Strategy Rules This is one of those armchair strategy books that give business books a bad name.

The authors take three iconic leaders Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs , attempt to simplify the key decisions of their respective companies, and then put together a set of frameworks that other founders and teams should abide by. The analysis is so bad that I stopped highlighting and taking notes halfway through the book. The authors also frequently claim that Android won the smartphone market because it has more market share.

So the Apple Watch should follow the Android example and pursue raw market share. Sure, Android has the largest user base but the vast majority of the smartphone profit share goes to Apple. And Apple has never pursued market share at the expense of profit. Talent is Overrated One of the core books that pushes the 10, hour rule: it takes roughly 10, hours to become world-class in a given field. But he 10, hours have to be deliberate practice. This is challenging practice that demands your full concentration. If not, we find ways to manage it without any measurable impact on health or longevity.

Think Like a Freak A few good tips. Work Rules! I had high hopes for this book. Google has a reputation for being an amazing place to work and I expected the inside story on how they managed to pull that off. There are some good anecdotes and principles but much of the book seems a bit superficial.

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Every problem comes to a clean and tidy resolution. Failures are glossed over, even with an entire chapter dedicated to them. The whole book feels like the PR-approved version instead of the real story on how to build a world-class support structure for your employees. The Mythical Man-Month Still a classic. Onboarding overhead, and increased demands for communication mean that productivity does not increase linearly. Second, projects should be separated into implementation and architect functions. The architect owns the integrity of the project, making sure that everything fits into a cohesive whole.

Since this is easily a full-time job, it needs to be separated from managing the day-to-day of implementation. An interesting read if you want to know more about the history of tech. It summarizes most of the key points and strategies from the community at bogleheads. Most teams suffer severe product delays, last-minute crunches to ship anything, and grid-lock themselves into a corner.

Make sure your product workflows are world-class, this book will help you get there. It has a good overview on many of the core startup frameworks lean, customer development, the pirate metrics, etc. It has a great balance between going through the principles of kanban while also giving you plenty of tactical tips so you can implement it yourself. Also lots of great real-world examples.

Having lived in Las Vegas and seen the Downtown Project myself, I wanted to see what inspired the project. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Building strong and effective teams is immensely difficult. Small differences in how teams operate day-to-day completely determine the potential of your business. This book tells you.

The Joy of X A good review on many of the core concepts in math. Honestly, I was hoping for more from this book. The Lessons of History This book was recommended by Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater which is the largest hedge fund. Learn or Die This book was a bit of a disappointment.

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It also stays at a pretty high and generic level, not much depth on any particular item. The book is still worth grabbing just for the chapter on Bridgewater the largest hedge fund currently. Their internal processes and values are fascinating. But the rest of the book can be easily skipped. Treat it as an old-school swipe file. Get a paperback copy. But Tony jumps into a lot of advanced topics without a thorough breakdown on those exact recommendations.

Complicated annuities and the all weather portfolio being two examples. But some googling brings up a lot of nuance and counter-points to these strategies that Tony never fully addressed. A good read but not as ground-breaking as I was hoping for. The High-Velocity Edge Copying strategies and tactics will always leave you a step behind. Do you want to be a leader or do you always want to be a step behind?

The High Velocity Edge breaks down the internal processes of what it takes to be a leader: making problems visible, high-speed iteration, spreading learning throughout your team, and developing your team as much as possible. High-speed iteration has become one of the tenets of my own management style. I do whatever I can to avoid taking on even small amounts of debt.

Two different teams attempted to reach the South Pole during the same season. One team made it look easy and came back without a single problem. The other team not only reached months after the first, they died on the way back. The book goes into the biographies of both expedition leaders Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott so you get a detailed understanding of how each leader differed.

Great Leads This is my new favorite book on copywriting. A really solid framework on the best ways to open any copy and when you should be using each. You definitely need to read this book if you do any consulting. Lots of great insights on what it actually takes to build mastery. Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger This book gets recommended frequently as a great resource for improving your thinking.

I personally thought it was a bit too simplistic. It has a few god insights on what it takes to build a company from scratch. All good advice with good stories to illustrate key points. Reinventing Organizations The hierarchal organization might not be the most impactful approach to building companies.

The book advocates for an anti-hierarchy not flat either, a more organic and fluid structure. Against Method A very interesting perspective on reason, logic, and the scientific method. Observations and facts are the function of theories and the current perspective. Instead science is far messier than most people believe. Persuasion, persistence, luck, and chaos are responsible for progress more often than objective reason.

Be warned, this book is pretty heavy and not for the feint of heart. Scaling Up Excellence Lots of good tips on how to spread change and high standards through an organization. Spent A horrible book. The worst part? It could have been so much more and has a decent premise: actions that we take stem from our desire to find suitable mates.

So the majority of what we do is the result of us trying to single our own suitability to others. The problem is that the author applies this theory to every single action that has ever occurred. All of them. No exceptions. Everything is nail for this single hammer. Steve Jobs A very thorough biography of Steve Jobs and well-written. Required reading for any team lead. Turn the Ship Around! Lots of great lessons on leadership and management. David Marquet took one of the worst performing submarines in the US Navy and turned it into one of their best within a year.

He did it with the same crew, no prep time, and started when morale was at rock-bottom. Lots of great lessons for how to lead a team and one of my favorite management books. Flash Boys The story of how high-frequency traders have stripped enormous profits from financial markets without adding any extra value. A fascinating read.

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Although Rufus Wainwright 's version of the song "Hallelujah" appeared in the soundtrack album, it was John Cale 's version that appeared in the film; in a radio interview, Rufus Wainwright suggested that his version of "Hallelujah" did not appear in the film due to the "glass ceiling" he was hitting because of his sexuality. Over characters to choose from, strategic map decisions, and intense pressure make it a gambler's dream. The Tech of Shrek The Third. July 25, Twist Bioscience is selling them millions of tiny shovels. Cartoon Brew. Described as Sister Act meets Top of the Pops, you'll be able to sing out classic songs with the backing of a full Gospel Choir.

The Time Paradox People perceive time completely differently. You either focus on the future, the present, or the past. This completely changes how you go through life and the decisions you make. Some people constantly prepare for the future, others take every chance they have to enjoy the present, and some of us keep remembering the past. Each of us also tends to skew towards one perspective. Not only will this book help you understand why people make different choices than you would, it also helps you better understand how to lead a balanced life.

Building regular traditions can also help snap you out of the future orientation and remember good times in the past. Traction A solid into to the different channels that you can use for distribution. But it is very much an overview. Business Model Generation A really basic intro on the basic components of any business model. The Checklist Manifesto A great book on the power of checklists and systems. Use them.

Iacocca Iacocca was responsible for many of the most successful cars at Ford like the Mustang. After a falling out with the Ford family, he was fired and then joined Chrysler which he saved from the edge of bankruptcy.

Really fascinating story. They include things like training with masters, rabid feedback, catching waves, and 10x thinking. Each principle has a dedicated chapter with stories to help illustrate it. The Alliance This is one of those books that should have just been a blog post. Maybe blog posts at the most. Zero to One A short book full of great insights on what it takes to build a great startup, many of which contradict prevailing best practices.

This is required reading.

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Flowers spill everyone's secrets Working on their busy flower stall in Champion Street Market, Lynda and her mother, Betty, have lots of opportunities to. Putting on the Style, Fools Fall in Love, That'll Be the Day, Candy Kisses, Who's Sorry Now?, Lonely Teardrops, Champion Street Market Series Box Set 1 Book 3. That'll Be the Day. by Freda Lightfoot. · 27 Ratings · 2 Reviews.

What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars When we achieve success, we all over-value our own impact and severely underestimate the role of luck. Many people break rules, get lucky, and think they have the golden touch. Once you have that foundation, you can figure out you own style to succeed. Creativity, Inc. A fantastic account of what it took to turn Pixar into the company it is today.

Essentials of Accounting If you want to truly learn the details of accounting, this is a great book to start from. Purpose This books commits every business book sin out there. First, the author claims that having a strong purpose to align the company is responsible for many of the greatest successes in the last century. No evidence is given for this. The author merely gives a basic summary and picks out anecdotal points that support his purpose theory. Additionally, the writing lacks structure and meanders quite a bit.

The lack of focus prevents it from being great. Only the Paranoid Survive An excellent first-hand account of what it takes to survive a wave of disruption in your industry. Intel was originally focused on RAM until it became a commodity and forced them to move into processors. First you need to let chaos reign a bit in your organization and begin experimenting with everything not just new products but with every part of your organization. But as soon as you find a path to a new industry, you need to focus your team on that vision.

This is also excellent advice for startups as they attempt to create a new industry or disrupt an old one. It was still great getting a first-hand account of Automattic since I have a great deal of respect for those guys. Competitive Strategy This is considered one of the core books on business strategy for a reason. Having worked remotely for over 2 years, everything in the book describes remote work pretty accurately.

Great by Choice A fantastic book on why some companies achieve extraordinary while other companies that start from the same place remain mediocre. The Art of Learning An exceptional book on learning and developing mastery.

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Also a great balance between frameworks and personal stories to help you retain the core principles. The Principles of Statistics A deep dive into the fundamentals of statistics. The Sales Bible A collection of tactics for sales. But there are much better sales books out there. The only problem is that this book is horribly written. Turning Numbers into Knowledge A rudimentary overview of logic, analysis, and critical thinking. Learning from the Future A complete waste of time. Each chapter is written by a different author and each of them has a slightly different approach to scenario planning.

So the entire book becomes disjointed, repetitive, and lacks any core frameworks that you can rely on. First, Break All the Rules This is my blueprint on world-class management. If you manage or build teams, you absolutely need to read this book. The Economist Numbers Guide A complete waste of time.

The book attempts to go as broad as possible and include countless topics. From significant figures to game theory, standard deviations, Monte Carlo simulations, financial projections, compounding interest, and everything in between. Because the scope is so broad, not a single topic gets the attention it really needs for you to walk away with any applicable lessons.

If you only read one of them, read this one. Much of the book seems like common sense but few people take it to heart. There are no hacks, no tricks, and no shortcuts. Just a steady and reliable path to success. How to Read a Financial Report A great intro to your three core financial reports: income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. The book is concise, has plenty of depth, and is clearly written. Instead of assuming people attempt to control objective reality, we control our perceptions.

When our perceptions are out of alignment with our expectations, we act to reduce the error. And higher levels of perception dictate the goals of lower systems which drive action at that level. The only way to resolve problems is to move to a level where goals are being defined for those involved. Green to Gold Probably the most poorly written and structured business I have yet to read. Which is a shame because building businesses within environmental constraints will become an increasingly important topic. But this book falls far short of providing any helpful guidance.

Go out of your way to avoid this book. Four Steps to the Epiphany Definitely a classic of entrepreneurship. Today, 2. Extreme weather Torrential monsoon rains kill dozens in northern India A heavy spell of retreating monsoon rains has flooded wide areas of northern India, killing dozens of people this past week, an official said Saturday.

Today, 1. Boris Johnson Boris Johnson referred to police watchdog British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been referred to Britain's police watchdog for potential investigation over allegations of misconduct involving a US businesswoman while he was mayor of London. Immigration UN, coast guard say boat with dozens of migrants capsizes off Libya UN refugee agency and Libya's coast guard say a boat carrying at least 50 Europe-bound migrants has capsized in the Mediterranean Sea.

Accident Moroccan migrants die in capsizing off the country's coast Local authorities say seven Moroccan migrants have died after their rubber boat capsized off the country's Atlantic coast. Education Bringing endangered Aboriginal languages back from the brink Endangered Aboriginal languages are making a comeback through a new TAFE course. Exclusive University Colleges at Australia's top-ranked university given lowest grade for sexual assault responses Eight of 10 undergraduate residential colleges at Australia's top-ranked university received the lowest rating possible for their management of sexual assault and harassment in previously unreleased internal reports.

Recycling crisis Owners of warehouses left holding SKM waste ask who will help them Warehouse owners left with thousands of tonnes of waste from collapsed recycler SKM that no-one wants are asking: what do we do with this mess? For subscribers In international Geneva, one country is on everyone's mind This is a wealthy and meticulous city, full of high-achieving and internationally minded people. Environmental activism Inside the Sydney Extinction Rebellion, where protesters dress as bees and pretend to die Is the Extinction Rebellion a small rump of radical activists with extremist views - or the birth of a genuinely mass movement?

Waste 'Let them eat bin cake': The food-waste warriors dumpster diving for their supper The table groaned with decadent treats - lamingtons, rainbow-hued macarons and 15 wicked-looking cakes - that had all come from a skip. September 28, by Jewel Topsfield Add to shortlist. September 28, by John Pesutto Add to shortlist. September 28, by Matt Holden Add to shortlist. Crime Woman gives birth in hospital, dies after falling from moving car A woman has given birth in hospital and then died after an alleged attack in Melbourne's north-west.

September 28, by Paul Sakkal Add to shortlist. CCP influence Chinese leaders can't control the weather for their big year bash. But they're still trying It's worked in the past, China's playbook to clear skies of pollution for big events, but as the 70th celebrations loom a heavy smog alert has been issued for Beijing.

September 28, by Anna Fifield Add to shortlist. NRL Roosters clinch repeat grand final berth with defensive masterclass The Roosters are returning to the grand final, and have the chance to become the first team in the NRL era to win back-to-back premierships. September 28, by Matt Bungard Add to shortlist. September 28, by Anna Harrington Add to shortlist. September 28, by Chip Le Grand Add to shortlist. Global climate strike Climate movement 'too loud to handle' for critics, Thunberg says The year-old Swede told a huge Montreal rally, estimated at half a million, that world leaders had disappointed young people with empty words and inadequate plans.

September 28, Add to shortlist. September 28, by Timothy Boyle Add to shortlist. AFL Short odds: Tiger motivated after missing out in Richmond defender Jayden Short says he had doubts about whether he would become a premiership player. September 28, by Daniel Cherny Add to shortlist. September 28, by Jake Niall Add to shortlist. Analysis AFL Grand Final Supreme Tigers deliver roar lesson to Giants Richmond roar drowns out the big big noise, and footy's natural order prevails in the grand final.

September 28, by Greg Baum Add to shortlist. September 28, by Bec Goddard Add to shortlist. Updated Crime Teenage boy killed, another seriously hurt in western suburbs stabbing Distraught relatives tried to save two teenage boys after they were stabbed, one fatally, in a street in Melbourne's west. September 28, by Ronny Lerner Add to shortlist. September 28, by Anthony Colangelo Add to shortlist. Internationally recognized in the s, Tobey explored the neighborhood with his art in the s and early s, [] [] as the area was being increasingly characterized by the Seattle Establishment as overdue for urban renewal , particularly replacement with a parking garage, high-rise housing and modern, upscale retail.

George Rolfe, the first director of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority PDA , played a key role in the economic revitalization of the Market after it was saved by the referendum. It was under his management that the direction of automobile traffic on Pike Place was reversed and the pedestrian-friendly brick paving was introduced. Rolfe also emphasized the construction of pedestrian routes to the waterfront so that the Market became the center of a pedestrian network. From about to , he owned and operated the American Fish Company.

Sol had worked in the Market since and has been sole proprietor of Pure Food Fish since his father's death in He can often be seen outside his stall chatting with visitors and helping them choose their fish, including a brisk tourist trade in salmon packed to travel. The Seattle City Council honored him in on the 50th anniversary of his taking over the business: they named him "King of the Market" and permanently designated April 11 as Sol Amon Day.

Amon is a longtime major supporter of the Market Foundation. Walter DeMarsh of Mobeta Shoes has made custom shoes for people with foot disfigurements and deformities since Few of the historic buildings in the Pike-Market neighborhood and none of the Market buildings as such are individually designated as landmarks or registered as historic places. Buildings included in the federally and locally designated historic districts gain most of the benefits that would accrue from individual designation, so there is little reason to go through the difficult process of obtaining separate designation.

The Market began on a boardwalk adjacent to the 3-story Leland Hotel [9] , architect unknown. In — he and architect Andrew Willatsen extended this complex further into the Fairley Building, which includes Lowell's, the Athenian, and the "Down Under". The complex was rehabilitated in by George Bartholick. As of , the upper two stories of the Leland continue to be housing. The rehabilitation joined it with the adjacent 3-story Silver Oakum Building unknown, ; Bassetti, A legitimate seaman's and workingman's hotel until , its Japanese American operators Rosuke and T.

Kodama were forcibly interned during World War II. Nellie Curtis took it over, changed the name, and ran it as a brothel into the s. Since the building has been joined to the adjacent Cliff House c. Shops and the Market PDA office are on the ground floor. The Sanitary Market Daniel Huntington, ; reconstructed , McClelland and Jones; rehabilitated and extended , Bassetti Norton Metler reputedly was so named for its innovation at the time, that no horses were allowed inside. A fire on December 15, , eight days after the attack on Pearl Harbor , severely damaged the building.

Although the true cause of the fire was never determined, newspapers at the time speculated that the Japanese were to blame. The building was reconstructed as a 2-story building with rooftop parking. Nearly four decades later the parking lot was eliminated, replaced by two floors of residences. In its early years it included daystalls, and the businesses facing onto First Avenue were open-fronted.

The basement was home to Patti Summers' jazz club for over two decades before becoming Can Can in ; the building is also home to anarchist bookstore Left Bank Books , as well as numerous other businesses. The South Arcade lies outside of the protected historic Market areas. Its owner, Harbor Properties, describes it a "adjacent to" the Market. All Classes. Student Projects. Sign In. Sign Up. Go Premium. Become a Teacher. Great progress, Guest! Take a moment to tell us what you think of this class. Maybe later. Play Speed 0. Add to Calendar. About This Class You've written a book - now what?

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