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The Admirable Crichton - review
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    He took up journalism, worked for a Nottingham newspaper, and contributed to various London journals before moving to London in They are facing each other defiantly. Here, our setting is the real world: the staid a A recent discussion in one of my groups rekindled my interest in the several plays I studied in high school, all of which made enough of an impression on me that I haven't forgotten them to this day. This play quickly overshadowed his previous work and although he continued to write successfully, it became his best-known work, credited with popularising the name Wendy, which was very uncommon previously. I think I may say there was as little equality there as elsewhere. Take careā€”the bucket.

    His Lordship is rapidly reduced to fetching and carrying, while the butler takes charge of tracking food, building shelter and rigging the island up for electricity. Perhaps Barrie was dabbling in the controversial notions of Darwin and Nietzsche; yet, as Theresa Heskins's spirited revival suggests, it was more likely to be an excuse for an awfully big adventure.

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    The fantasy lagoon, in which sensible ladies lose their corsets and cavort around in buckskins with bows and arrows, looks very much like a dry run for the alternate reality Barrie would introduce in Peter Pan. The parallels are reinforced by the spectacle of Paul Greenwood's Lord Loam wandering round in his nightshirt and top hat, while Andrew Pollard's Crichton adopts the regal bearing and assumption of authority that suggests what might have happened if Peter Pan ever did grow up. The play's biggest challenge is the complexity of the scene changes, which caused the original production to run past midnight; Michael Holt's design transforms itself in the time it takes to sing a couple of shanties, which are worth the price of admission alone.

    The motion picture is a charming combination of satire, whimsy, and melodrama. As Crichton, Kenneth More is proper--yet moving.

    The Admirable Crichton 1957 Kenneth More. aka Paradise Lagoon

    The adaptation suffers somewhat from an inability to smooth out the entrances and scene changes which are an accepted part of the theater, but unsettling on the screen. The movie's ending was probably more convincing 50 years ago, but is still acceptable. Similarly, thinks Crichton, his master's ideas about equality are not only dangerous but wrong.

    Crichton's philosophy is sorely tested when Lord Loam and his daughter are marooned along with Crichton and a few other on a desert island. The motion picture is a charming combination of satire, whimsy, and melodrama.

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    As Crichton, Kenneth More is proper--yet moving.