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New users Please take a minute to register. After you register and pick a screen name, you can publish your comments everywhere on the site. In the overturned convictions, the British appeals court suggested that genetic factors might explain the incidence of multiple infant deaths in some families. The British government has ordered reviews of hundreds of cases in which parents were accused of killing their children.

Many of these cases involve accusations of M. But recent press accounts in Britain casually refer to M. Those who need reminding that it is might look to the case of Maxine Robinson, one of the first cases to be reviewed. At a hearing in April, Robinson confessed that she had killed three of her children. The larger question, then, is whether M. And nobody assumes that these wrongdoers are all driven by the same set of motives—let alone by a discrete mental illness. One of the primary aims of psychologists and pediatricians who first defined M. Schreier and Libow described the syndrome as something that has broad and familiar social determinants.

The book was published to acclaim; the social dynamics it described, however, were from an earlier era. Furthermore, the quasi-feminist context in which the authors placed M. By the mid-nineties, clinicians in the United States, Britain, and Canada had begun to disseminate a psychological profile, a set of suspect traits, of the Munchausen mother.

She might have worked in the medical field at one time, or wanted to. Typically, she was married, and her husband was inclined to leave medical decisions to her. Profiles can be useful, but they are rarely predictive. Most anti-American terrorists may be young Arab men, but few young Arab men are terrorists. And in this case the profile was especially unhelpful. The relatively few clinical assessments that had been made of Munchausen mothers indicated that the perpetrators were not nearly as similar as the profile suggested.

Some showed a high incidence of depression or a likelihood of having been abused as children; some did not. A few studies reported that the mothers had a history of psychosomatic illnesses; others equivocated. Some showed a high preponderance of personality disorders, but this was clearly an insufficient explanation, since most mothers with personality disorders do not harm their children in this way. One particularly dubious element of the standard M. This placed accused mothers in an absurd bind.

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This is blackmail and may result in a false confession. Furthermore, parental attitudes that might seem worrisome if a child is healthy—overprotectiveness, a tendency to treat the sick child as if he were younger than he is—can be functional if the child is chronically ill.

Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Bad Mother

Tainted vaccines! Stranger danger! Playground hazards!

Perhaps it was inevitable that some expressions of fretful child-rearing would eventually be cordoned off and declared a syndrome, if only to distinguish them from what the rest of us do all the time. Just as, in the nineteen-eighties, satanic ritual abuse represented the worst fears of what could happen in day care, so M.

Big Little Lies season 2 episode 6 ‘The Bad Mother’ review: Does Celeste have dirt on Mary-Louise?

The notion that mothers can love and protect their children too much is not new. In Puritan New England, ministers warned mothers not to attach themselves too fondly or mourn their children too fiercely. Nicola de Sousa gave birth to Katerina on July 19, The delivery was normal, but when Katerina was two days old Nicola and Eurico noticed a bruiselike mark on her arm. Her belly seemed to be swollen, too. In August, an ultrasound revealed that Katerina had large hemangiomas on her liver.

Hemangiomas are benign tumors made up of clustered blood vessels, and in their most common manifestations—as discolored swellings on the skin—they are harmless. The heart sounds were rapid. The de Sousas were confused. Katerina was being treated with high-dose steroids, but the hemangiomas on her liver were still growing, and she seemed to be getting worse. She sweated when she nursed, which can be an indication of congestive heart failure, and her belly remained distended by an enlarged liver. They also felt that their worries were not being taken seriously by their doctors.

They learned about an experimental protocol in which interferon was used to slow the growth of tumors by switching off their blood supply. This early work on hemangiomas in children was a crucial step in the development of angiogenesis inhibitors, which are promising new cancer drugs.

In Boston, the doctors were eager to act immediately. The nurse said that she would. Within a week, the de Sousas were on their way to Boston; within another week they had brought Katerina home and were giving her interferon shots themselves. Six months later, the tumors had shrunk substantially; after fifteen months, they were gone. The de Sousas, for their part, began to think of the American medical system as more responsive than the Canadian system. Suspicion began to build, against Nicola in particular.

In , the psychiatrists Marc D. Feldman and Deirdre C. Rand published a report in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry describing several cases in which the M. In one, the mother of an eighteen-month-old boy had brought him to the doctor for recurrent infections. She was labelled an M. The boy was placed under surveillance, and the mother was allowed to visit only under supervision. In systematic studies of the M.

Leading authorities on M. Despite such critiques, the profile has continued to gain mainstream acceptance. The checklist has been published in the F. Law Enforcement Bulletin , in various newspaper articles, and in a number of publications for nurses—in which the suspect traits are listed, often without disclaimers. A few months ago, I met a woman on whose behalf Mart recently testified as an expert witness. She is an operating-room nurse who put herself through nursing school by working as a bartender at night.

In April, , she gave birth to a boy, just as she and her husband, an electrician, were on the verge of breaking up. Nonetheless, Heather fit the profile: she was a nurse; she had a good store of medical knowledge, which she was not shy about sharing; she was a worrier; and she was crazy about her baby.

She was allowed to see her baby for two supervised visits each week. Start your free trial.

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