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Author bio s. THE STORY: After many years of stern bachelorhood, the Marshal of Yellow Sky has gone off to be married in secret, but now, returning with his bride, he is embarrassed to let the towns-people know what he has done.

He tries to persuade his bride to sneak into town the back way, but she misunderstands his sheepishness and is about to take the next train home when trouble erupts in the form of Scratchy Wilson, an aging gunslinger who has come hunting for the Marshal. Reading Guide. Stephen Crane.

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I just covered this story with my 7th and 8th grade class and they got it. Both of these images run directly counter to the firmly ensconced stereotypes already ingrained into the genre. Except for the men in the saloon, Yellow Sky was dozing. It includes warm-ups and games, lesson plans for acting, directing, improvisation and other theatrical subject areas. He was outraged at the silence that answered his gunfire.

In what sense is the West "pouring eastward," as Crane says in the beginning of the story? How does the East intrude upon the West? How are the East and the West linked? How does Crane depict the train and the operation of the railroad?

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Humor in Stephen Crane’s “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” Essay

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