The Long Lick Goodnight: Tales of First-time Lesbian Love

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Me and Shannon exchanged amused looks as my roommate could be heard puking his guts out in our bathroom. I just shook my head. Shannon was always trying to hook me up with girls on our little outings, but for the most part I end up talking to her. It was like she was just one of the guys. I could talk to her about anything, which is more than I could say for most females. She asked. Shannon dropped onto the couch as I went to the fridge. I knew he was out for the night. A few minutes later Shannon and I were sitting on the living room floor around a Scrabble board, each with a glass of wine.

She had always been kind of a flirt, although she was being especially flirty that night, with plenty of sexual innuendos. I had always been attracted to Shannon, although I had never even thought about making a move on her. With her light brown hair and glowing green eyes, she could enchant any man. Her perfect facial features were complimented by a firm, athletic but petite body that I was beginning to fantasize about having pressed up against me.

Her figure was exemplified by her choice of clothing that night. As if to torture me, and any other heterosexual male that laid eyes on her, she was wearing a pair of those tight black yoga pants that all the young women seem to have these days. The pants were sitting low enough on her hips to allow a few glimpses of T-bar and a bit of tanned midsection.

The pants were complimented by a matching top that showcased her modest, but firm breasts. About three glasses of wine later, Shannon was severely kicking my ass. I looked down at her as she lay on her side with her head in her hand, studying her game pieces, looking cuter every minute. Shannon looked at the word I had just formed and then rolled over, her nubile young body, shaking with laughter. I was starting to get very turned on, so I decided to change the subject. Shannon let the subject drop as well and we continued with our game. I shuffled over to her as she stood with her hands on her hips and a superior look on her beautiful face.

I did as I was told, dropping to my knees before her. Shannon let out a giggle as she turned around presenting me with her delicious hind section. Slowly, I moved my mouth towards it, willing and able to offer a kiss. She looked back over her shoulder smiling as she tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and slowly peeled them down her firm, tanned ass.

I swallowed hard as my dick began to grow at the site before me. Her ass was flawless. Two tanned globes of succulent flesh seperated by a very thin strip of silky black fabric that was tucked firmly between her firm cheeks. I could barely tear my eyes away to look up at her her smiling face, which had a few strands of hair dangling in front of her sexy green eyes.

With that, I leaned in and pressed my lips against her smooth skin, letting them linger for just a few seconds before pulling away. I leaned in and kissed her again, this time closer to the tiny strip of fabric of her g-string. I let my lips touch her skin longer, even daring to let my tongue contact her tasty skin. I could hear her moaning softly. My eyes widened and my dick grew another inch as Shannon reached back and pulled her skimpy underwear out of her ass, exposing herself fully to my view.

I struggled to contain myself as my grip tightened on her small hips. She gently pried apart her taut cheeks and I moved in. Lick it! I needed no prompting as I enclosed her hole with my lips, pressing my tongue hard against the most private area on her body. I started to lick up and down, swabbing her asshole with long wet strokes as she put her hand between her legs.

That was good enough for me and I increased the intensity of my licking. I even tried to shove my tongue inside her, which I could tell she was into. I wiggled my tongue up her ass as she feverishly worked over her own clit with her nimble little fingers. I began to move my head back and forth, fucking her tight little butthole with my tongue. Suddenly her asshole clenched around my tongue and her body convulsed violently. I smiled to myself, knowing that I had just helped give Shannon one hell of a climax.

I turned and assumed the positition that Shannon had previously occupied, placing my hands on the arm of the couch. I swallowed hard as Shannon moved behind me. My arms were trembling with anticipation as she reached around and undid my pants. She then pulled them down my legs and I kicked them away.

How is he going to fix his mess? She presses one button, then another, until the plane takes off. Now available as a board book, this Munsch classic was originally published as an Annikin in , and as a picture book in When Angela's father gets lost at the airport, she looks for him everywhere. Angela looks under planes, on top of planes and beside planes… then she looks inside a plane.

Luckily, she finds the button for the control tower! Can Angela bring the plane back down? To Angus, shiny objects not only look beautiful, they also crackle, buzz and go whiz-bang-POP! His unique ability is lost, however, when Angus wears his grandma's beaded necklace to school, and his classmates tease him. Saddened by their laughter, Angus stops hearing the sparkle. But a kind gesture from a friend helps to restore his sparkle. What are two things that small children love?

Animals and big machines, of course. In this energetic board book, the two are combined, along with a single word, to show how the actions of seven animals mirror those of seven mighty machines. A small elf-like creature appears on every spread, giving toddlers something else to discover.

Originally published as a picture book in Highlighting the work of the Toronto Wildlife Centre TWC , this book describes how wild animals are rehabilitated after being rescued from perilous situations. True stories demonstrate the efforts of the trained professionals who rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release orphaned, sick or injured animals. Readers learn about the wild animals that they may encounter and get tips on how to protect and support urban wildlife.

In an engaging question-and-answer style, children are introduced to playful activities that they share with other animals, such as playing tag gazelles , blowing bubbles grey tree frogs and dancing honeybees. What seems like playtime for the animals is actually the way they forage for food, build strength or care for their young.

A fun and educational introduction to animal behaviour. In this newest title, youngsters learn how bowheads raise their babies, where they live, what they eat and other interesting information, like how they can eat when they don't have any teeth! Mixing fun-filled animal facts for young readers with detailed illustrations, Animals Illustrated is a charming non-fiction series focusing on Arctic animals.

Children learn how muskoxen raise their young, how they protect themselves from predators, what they eat and how they forage, and the adaptations they exhibit that allow them to live in colder habitats than many other animals! In this title, children will learn how polar bears raise their cubs, what they eat and how they hunt, where they can be found and other interesting information, like the fact that polar bears actually have transparent fur and black skin!

Learn how walruses raise their young in the cold Arctic ocean, what they eat and where they can be found, along with other interesting information, like the fascinating uses for their tusks. This book was created by a variety of Coast Salish artists who have been generous in sharing their culture, art and insights on their unique relationships with the natural and supernatural world. Stranded in the rain, the animals are all too happy to board a boat two by two. At first, the animals find ways to amuse themselves like playing leapfrog and hide-and-seek.

Will the rain ever stop? This title is also available in French as L'arche des animaux. Going to the art gallery is boring for Anna — everything is old and there are so many rules — until she gets to peek inside a mysterious, secret workshop. Filled with representations of many famous and not-so-famous paintings, this picture book is a celebration of how art can capture the imagination.

Then wild, brash and outspoken Anne crashes into his life. Anne is all he thinks about, desire consuming him. Henry will do anything to be with her, but will their romance destroy them both? Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert wanted to adopt a boy to help on the farm; instead they get brash, redheaded Anne, who has always dreamed of finding a real home. Could Green Gables be it? Marilla and nosy neighbour Mrs. Lynde are not so sure Anne belongs. Anne must prove what she knows in her heart — that Green Gables is her true home.

Annie and her big brother, Simon, are mostly good friends, but even friends disagree sometimes. Now this offbeat duo return for a third warm and gently funny early chapter book featuring three short stories. Annie and Simon highlight the best parts of being siblings and are a testament to the fact that there isn't just one formula for the perfect family.

Princess Misty of Beldora is captured by Lord Badlug, the ruler of Grimoire, who intends to marry her and conquer Beldora. Misty is determined not to be another damsel in distress… she is going to be the hero of this story! None of the other foxes share Marco's curiosity. So, when a magnificent ship adorned with antlers arrives at the dock looking for a crew, Marco volunteers, hoping to find other inquisitive foxes and answers to his questions about the world.

The motley crew finds adventure, peril and possibility on their journey — and Marco discovers that finding friends is more important than finding answers! This accessible title helps kids understand anxiety and offers practical ideas for coping. Filled with information, quizzes, definitions and helpful hints, this book helps young people identify and deal with the different ways that anxiety is expressed, from phobias to panic attacks, in settings as diverse as home, the schoolyard and the mall.

Strategies for kids coping with anxiety are included. When she has a fictional encounter with some very curious children, they end up collaborating on a fantastical story within a story. Here is a world where kids can become part of the story and let their imaginations run wild… and maybe they will be inspired to create stories of their own.

Jaden and Cali live in different cities, but they connect online almost every day, playing their favourite game, Cross Ups. Cali is unhappy and she keeps changing her gamer tag. What is she trying to hide? Ara loves BIG numbers. She wants to count all the stars in the sky In this STEM adventure, Ara and her sidekick droid, DeeDee, use smarts and grit to solve a BIG problem and discover an amazing algorithm of success — coding, courage, creativity and collaboration! When their dad died, Justine became caregiver for her autistic brother, who has now been accepted into a group home.

Before he moves in, the twins want to create the perfect memory. Each spread has a clue, and kids will see hints of her scattered throughout the pages. A winsome armadillo goes to Paris, accompanied by his grandfather's journals, to meet the Iron Lady. But who is she? Each spread has a clue, and readers will see hints of her scattered throughout the book. Sixteen-year-old Sloane is given an incredible opportunity — the chance for a film school scholarship.

Then she discovers a bald spot on her head and is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that has no cure and no definitive outcome. Determined to produce her video and keep her condition secret, Sloane is forced to make the most difficult choice of her life.

Politics is more than just adults governing society and making laws; politics is how we make decisions. How we get along. And it is influenced by all people — even you! Readers will come away equipped with the knowledge they need to understand current events and elections, and maybe even be empowered to civic action themselves!

But the more art she sees, the more mixed-up she gets When Finley, Olivia and Henry make some art-rageous portraits of each other, they discover the power of art! Finley makes her mark in a Fin-tastic way. During his life, Vincent van Gogh was mocked for being different. Children and adults alike called him names and laughed at him. Nobody bought his art. But he kept painting. Arto has lived his whole life in the cold North. When his family prepares to spend a year in the South, Arto is not happy. He wears his woolly clothes in the desert, pretending he never left the North.

But when Arto makes a new friend, he slowly sheds his layers and discovers that it's not so bad to adapt to your surroundings. Outdoor art, from Halloween decorations to a fish display strung up at the school, starts disappearing from all over the neighbourhood! Since Attila hated working on those fish for his community service, everyone thinks he is behind it. Wherever Christopher Rowe goes, adventure — and murder — follows. Even a chance to meet King Charles ends in a brush with an assassin!

When Christopher discovers the attacker's true target, he and his friends are ordered to Paris to investigate an ancient curse on the French throne. Now Christopher, Tom and Sally are in a race to find a hidden treasure — before someone else is murdered! Will has what it takes to become a classical violinist, so when given the chance to take part in a prestigious summer program, he seizes the opportunity.

But Will is unprepared for performing in public and he has all the symptoms of performance anxiety — sweating, shaking and heart-pounding panic. What happens when the one thing you need to achieve your dreams is something you find utterly terrifying? Maddie and Ivan have been friends forever. Should she tell someone and get help? What does betrayal look like when your best friend is in trouble? Count goldfish as they swim about the tranquil pond. Watch as sunlight moves across the water. Spot a water lily blossoming, frogs and water striders hopping through, a heron flying by.

With a simple text and rich, lifelike paintings, Werner Zimmermann has created a peaceful meditation on nature and a unique and beautiful world for all readers to enjoy. From Atlantic puffin to zooplankton, this board book includes lots of interesting Atlantic Canadian animals like the lobster, brown bat, moon jellyfish, porcupine and more!

This book is your passport to a world of hidden possibilities! Audrey is a cow with poetry in her blood who yearns for adventure. When she discovers that she is headed for the slaughterhouse, Audrey must leave her home and friends sooner than she ever imagined. Cleverly written as an oral account, this unique illustrated tale of an animal on the run is full of heart and humour. A touching and insightful story. Covering his childhood in Arizona to first overall draft pick for the Toronto Maple Leafs, this exciting book helps readers find out how the hockey player has skated his way to stardom.

Iranian-American Daria Esfandyar is proud of her heritage. She and her friends think of themselves as the "realest" kids in school. But when Daria learns something shocking about her past, she starts on a journey of self-discovery. It seems everyone is keeping secrets. As everything in her life starts spinning out of control, can she figure out how to stay true to herself? Twelve-year-old twins Ashley and Ryan are skiing with their parents in Wyoming when there is a ground-shaking rumble and unstable snow rushes downhill, burying them in icy whiteness.

An avalanche! It will take all their knowledge and grit to survive! Stay calm. Stay smart. Real-life avalanche and wilderness survival tips are included. Avis Dolphin is sailing to England on the Lusitania. War is raging in Europe, and German U-boats are a real threat. Avis meets a kindly professor whose story of a magical island helps her face an uncertain future.

Not knowing what to do, she encounters many animals who want to help. Celebrating the revitalization of Cree dialects and traditional methods of storytelling, the book includes a pronunciation guide and the recipe for bannock. Love shines through in the scribbled sticky notes they leave each other. Neither Matt nor Free ever imagined they would be playing American football in Paris with a team from a poverty-stricken suburb called Villeneuve.

And Free just wants to play football and forget Texas. The fearsome witch of folklore needs an assistant, and brave Masha needs an adventure. Now, to earn her place, Masha must pass a series of tricky tests… Russian folklore icon Baba Yaga mentors a lonely teen in a wry graphic novel that balances gleefully between the modern and the timeless. Caillou has finished his bath and is getting ready for bed. Young children can help Caillou by looking under the flaps to find his pajamas, his favourite book and his teddy bear, along with a few surprises! A fun and sturdy book for toddlers. This CD is a celebration of 20 years of making beautiful music for children.

Reid-Naiman has gathered the best of her songs, rhymes, tickles, knee joggles, dances and lullabies for babies and put them together on one classic CD. Lindy has been working hard cleaning and doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood to earn money for a school trip to the Arctic. When an elderly client pays her a larger amount of money than normal, Lindy keeps it to pay the early-bird rate for her trip. But then a schoolmate learns what she did and starts blackmailing her, forcing Lindy to make a hard choice. This documentary, investigating a perceived threat in the rural Maritimes following a fatal coyote attack, could be used in a high school setting to convey how the expanding human population is encroaching on animal territory.

Locals react to the attack by concluding that a new super species is infiltrating their communities: part coyote and part wolf. But is there any truth to this suspicion? From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich to Madonna, female style rebels have used clothes to shake things up and break the rules. With an energetic, appealing writing style, Croll demonstrates how through the ages, women — often without other means of power — have used fashion as a tool, and how their influence continues to shape the way women present themselves today.

Once there was a bad mood and a stick. The stick appeared when a tree dropped it. Where did the bad mood come from? Who picked up the stick? And where is the bad mood off to now? You never know what is going to happen… sometimes it takes a bad mood to make everything right! Twelve-year-old Cody loves basketball, but his shaky self-confidence is undermined by a much better-off player who targets him. The newbie seems to take an interest in Cody on the court, but his "helpful" hints are undermining Cody's performance. To play better, Cody has to come to grips with the bullying, become more self-reliant and take advantage of his skills playing the sport.

Bagels are the best thing about Sundays. But their weekly tradition is disrupted when a tumble on his tuches means Zaida is housebound — and bagel-less! Will they all be hungry for bagels on Sunday? Is there something Eli can do? The Bernsteins are heading off on a cruise without the family pets.

When Bagels sneaks aboard the ship, Josh and his little sister, Becky, must keep him a secret! But then an onboard mystery begins to unfold, involving two potential spies and a mysterious woman with a secret envelope. Can Bagels help crack the case? Look out, Bagels is back! The Bernstein family vacation to Sasquatch Lake is off to a rocky start with no TV and a leaky cabin roof. Josh keeps seeing a hairy figure lurking in the woods, and even Bagels is nervous.

And are Sasquatches real? Prepared in conjunction with Canada's National Ballet School, this is an inspiring resource for boys and girls interested in ballet. So when the entire family, except Balthazar, disappears, the only Fabuloso without real magic must find them. Balthazar teams up with a long-lost lunatic uncle and the loathsome Pagan Fistula against a force so evil that even powerful magicians cower before it.

What hope does a ragtag crew of misfits have? Follow along as a fictional researcher observes and makes journal entries about their field trip through the Shunan Bamboo Forest ecosystem. Outstanding photographs highlight the animals, plants and people that inhabit China's oldest bamboo forest. Simple graphs show facts about the forest, and the final report describes efforts being made to preserve it.

Separated from his family when they are forced to flee their home in Burundi, young Deo lives alone in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Resources are scarce and gangs steal what they can. One gang leader has begun targeting Deo, who finds comfort in making a banana-leaf ball. When a coach arrives and organizes a soccer game, everything begins to change.

Pip craves adventure and the chance to right the injustice he sees all around him — just like his hero, Robin Hood. An offer to go to the Bradford Fair allows him to escape his dull life for a few days. Can Pip and his Band of Merry Kids save the day? The massive volume of information available today makes clarity a key component of data literacy, and visual representations of data are the clearest and quickest way to share information. Using engaging activities and relevant, real-life examples, this book teaches young readers how to organize and clearly present data using bar graphs, and explains how to interpret data in this form.

Meet Barnaby, an unforgettable bunny with a few blind spots! Barnaby has an excellent memory. He remembers to brush his teeth and he always remembers when it's ice-cream night. So how could he forget something so important? As Barnaby finds out, sometimes the thing that's slipped your mind is right under your nose or right above it.

Jim Webb and his grandfather are supposed to be on vacation, fishing for barracuda in the Florida Keys. But with a deathbed request for help, a generations-old crime and attempted murder, everything changes. Webb discovers that what lurks in the shallow waters of the Keys is much more dangerous than a slashing game fish. And along the way, he learns an important truth about himself and his own past. There is so much more to baseball than throwing, hitting, running and catching.

Behind the game is a wealth of science, folklore, mathematics, psychology and fascinating, little-known facts. This entertaining, informative and highly visual book gives young baseball fans a front-row seat to colourful details, surprising insights and new discoveries in baseball knowledge. Die-hard fans and casual spectators alike will want to get their hands on this book of fascinating basketball facts. Find out about the origins of basketball, how much players are paid, the evolution of the basketball shoe and the secret for hitting a perfect shot.

Lots of humorous illustrations and a fun trivia quiz make this book a slam dunk. In this engaging and informative title, animal activist and biologist Rob Laidlaw sheds light on these famously shadowy mammals, from their habits and habitats to their importance for maintaining biodiversity, and the conservation efforts being made to protect them. Nathan loves animals and longs for a pet. When he discovers seven orphaned baby squirrels in his backyard, he is keen to help them. With assistance from Batcat, a neighbourhood stray cat, Nathan learns to care for the squirrels.

But all babies must leave the nest eventually. Will Nathan finally find a pet to call his own? This board book features full-colour photos of animals with a two-word description underneath. At the end, a child is shown having a bath, with the question "How do you take a bath? Cricket McKay and her best friend, Shilo, are enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation at Grandpa McKay's farm when they make a disturbing discovery — dead bats!

The girls learn that the migrating bats are flying into the blades of the new wind turbines. Now they need to figure out how to get the power company's attention and save the bats! In this action-packed third instalment of the MetaWars series, the Uploaded have crossed into the real world. Now the fight for control of the Metasphere and the off-line world has become a savage battle between the virtual and the real. Jonah, on a mission to save the Metasphere, faces an even more complicated future — and must make a terrible choice about his own uploaded father.

But the war rages on, and the three young men find themselves reunited at the notorious Libby prison in Virginia. Nate is a guard, Sunday is a slave, and Walt is a prisoner. Can these three battle-scarred soldiers hope for anything more than survival? A vibrant health and creativity magazine set in a bustling city in outer space and filled with short stories, comics, recipes, puzzles, crafts, jokes, interviews, sports, true stories, fun facts, prizes and more! Specializing in publishing youth work, the magazine focuses on nutrition, personal care, healthy lifestyles, character development, eco education — all in an imaginative and zany style!

Can anything eat prickly sea urchins? Can dead jellyfish still sting you? Why does water squirt up when you walk along the beach?

What would you like to read?

Biologist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these and many more questions in this illustrated guide to solving beach mysteries. An entertaining and enlightening look at life by the ocean, perfect for beachcombers of any age. How do bedbugs get into your home? Why are some grey squirrels black? Does goldenrod cause hay fever? Naturalist Peggy Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this illustrated guide to solving nature mysteries in the city. From ever-present dandelions to waves of starlings and clever coyotes, readers will be amazed at what nature they can find in the city.

Historians are like detectives, looking for clues in primary sources in order to better understand the past. Diaries and letters give a first-hand account of life in a specific time and place. Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine letters and diaries as primary sources and discover how to use them to study the past. This fun book gives an exciting overview of the rules, positions, strategies and equipment in football. Dynamic photographs and step-by-step instructions provide tips on passing, receiving, rushing and defending, as well as helpful pointers for playing most positions on the field.

Nutrition and the importance of fair play and teamwork are also included. Why do owls hunt at night? Why do coyotes howl? Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers intriguing questions about the natural world at night in this informative illustrated guide.

From how fireflies give off light and why some flowers only bloom at night, to why the moon changes shape, Kochanoff encourages kids to become nighttime detectives and explore their world after dark. Photographs show historians how things looked in the past.

Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine photographs as primary sources and discover how they can be used to study the past. Do dragonflies bite? What is the difference between a frog and a toad? Are leeches dangerous? Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this illustrated guide to solving pond mysteries, taking young readers on an entertaining and enlightening tour of life in and around a freshwater pond. Discover the answers to fascinating nature mysteries!

Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine speeches as primary sources and discover how they can be used to study the past. In this inviting book, young readers discover ways to practise democratic principles in their schools and classrooms. Accessible, child-centred examples demonstrate key skills and practices, including active listening, consensus building and voting procedures.

Good citizens take an active role in making their communities better places to live. This motivating book provides several practical examples of ways young readers can demonstrate that they care about their communities. From helping to care for community gardens to participating in neighbourhood clean-up events, readers will learn the value of becoming active citizens where they live. Artifacts are objects people in the past made, used and left behind. Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they learn about artifacts as primary sources and discover how they can be used to study the past.

Caring for Earth is everyone's job! Readers will discover ways they can have a positive impact on the environment, including planting trees and eating locally grown food, as well as "pre-cycling" and protecting animal habitats. Children will learn to take personal responsibility for environmental stewardship and discover how to be effective problem solvers when it comes to protecting the planet.

In this innovative title, young readers learn what it means to be a citizen of the global community. Children will learn about different needs around the world, from water wells in Africa to global disaster relief, and discover their own abilities to make the world a better place. This empowering title will help readers discover how to create positive changes in their communities. Accessible text and examples prompt children to learn what it means to be a citizen of a community and to explore ways to act for the common good. Ideas include creating artwork for a local retirement facility and donating old books to a library or reading program.

This motivating title inspires young readers to brainstorm different ways to use their interests, talents and skills to enrich their school environments. From starting a welcome club for new students to organizing litterless lunch days, there are countless ways kids can promote positive change at their schools. Narrated by Teddy, this poignant and beautifully illustrated book is the companion to A Bear in War. Bear loves his forest home, but he gets lonely. He decides to have a winter party to make friends with the other forest creatures. He decorates his den and bakes delicious treats, but Bear worries that his forest neighbours may be too frightened to come.

Just when he is about to give up hope, Bear spots Deer peeking out from behind a tree. Beavers may not be as majestic as a lion or as ferocious as a shark, but never underestimate these wetland warriors! The first book in a new Superhero Field Guide series, this title is an informative, laugh-out-loud look at a keystone species and animal hero — the humble beaver. Perfect for readers who like their facts served with a large dose of humour.

Meet some remarkable girls from all over the world. The stories of their lives can be difficult to imagine. They describe the barriers and dangers that they, and millions of other girls, face daily. Despite the hardships they must overcome, these girls have hope for the future and strive to make their lives and those of their families and communities better. Lull your little one to sleep while counting the animals also nestling in for the night.

Frankie is a little bear who goes to sleep each night with a ball of yarn unravelling in his paws and listening to the sound of his mother's knitting needles. Frankie dreams in all the colours of yarn until his mother's knitted surprise is ready… a blanket which, like a magic carpet, will always bring him home no matter how far he goes in his dreams.

Love Narratively? So do we.

Is it possible to live forever? People have been trying to figure out a way to escape mortality since, well, forever. This intriguing book takes readers on a fast-paced tour of some wacky and wise methods humans have used to try prolonging their lives — from ancient immortality elixirs and quests for a fountain of youth to modern-day research into cryogenics and robotics. Buckle up for true stories of the chiefs, strongmen and outlaws who kept the peace! On the barren plains of Below, a teenage boy named Hokk lives in exile.

Overhead, on the floating islands of Above, Elia is enslaved in endless drudgery. Desperate to return to their lost homes, they are propelled toward a centuries-old battle for the very earth and sky around them. That is, until he discovers they have a dog. Ben is afraid of dogs… dogs are all teeth and jaws. Then it turns out the dog is scared of things, too! Can Ben overcome his fears to make a new kind of friend? He hunts for his food left on a plate by Mom and Dad and communicates in grunts. In his cave, Ben can imagine a world where friends control their own destinies and distance is no obstacle.

Since her traumatic brain injury, Madeline has grown apart from her twin sister. Her Best Buddy Justin is coping with troubles at school and his mother's depression since the death of his autistic sister. Bera is a solitary, humble troll, tending her island pumpkin patch in cheerful isolation, when trouble finds her. A human baby appears in the realm of the trolls, and nobody knows where it came from, but Bera seems to be the only one who doesn't want it dead. Bera finds herself on a quest to take the sweet baby home. A touching story about an imaginative boy who prefers to play alone but is never lonely, although he admits being different can be difficult.

His best friend is a massive old oak tree he has named Bertolt. When Bertolt dies one winter, the boy honours his tree in the best way possible. This title is also available in French as L'arbragan. Fourteen-year-old Paige, adopted from China by Canadian parents, decides to avoid school bullies by taking a shortcut along railroad tracks.

When she turns back for her best friend, Jazz, Paige is hit by a train, and is transported to a surreal world where she meets Kim, her friend who died seven years earlier. Dog walker extraordinaire Stephen Nobel calms his anxiety by counting his daily mistakes. How can Stephen save everyone? To solve the mystery, Stephen will have to count on all of his new friends. For humans to truly thrive, we need more than food and water, we need a sense of community, and when we work together in groups — from family, friends and neighbourhoods to global organizations building on a foundation of common human experience — we can be a powerful force for change.

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This title explores the many ways we are the same, no matter where we live. Russell asks his father to build a tree fort. But a slick bookie befriends Jack and introduces him to illegal betting. Helen Betty Osborne, following her dream of becoming a teacher, left her home to attend residential school in Manitoba. On November 13, , Betty was abducted and brutally murdered by four young men. Initially met with silence and indifference, her tragic murder resonates loudly today.

Betty represents one of almost 1, Indigenous women in Canada who have been murdered or have gone missing. She targets the mega-wealthy, yet damaged, Olivia Sumner as the one to take her there. Then handsome and whip-smart Mark Redkin joins the administration and charms his way into students' lives — especially Olivia's. It becomes clear that Redkin poses a threat to Kate — or should she beware of Olivia?

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Author Lord Koga 2nd Place winner of the Author Award Fiction4all in Erotica Genre 3rd Place winner of the From the late night visit in the locker room after a hard steamy workout, to the mind blowing first time lesbian foursome deep in the woods.

Elia is a fugitive, on the run from the Imperial Guards who have launched a city-wide manhunt and offered a reward for her capture. Hokk is also on Elia's trail — one step behind and all too aware of the mortal danger she is in. As their worlds drift ever further apart, Elia and Hokk will have to decide where it is they truly belong and what it means to be reunited. This book features stunning Native Northwest Coast illustrations of animals both big and small common to the region. Artists from five different Northwest Coast First Nations contributed to the creation of this visually appealing board book featuring animals such as the owl, bear and whale.

An entertaining tale, featuring a girl who doesn't want to share her mom. She sits her father down for a talk, presenting her idea that he should sleep in a camping cot! A comical twist on the classic parental struggle not to let kids sleep in their bed. In , a blue whale washed ashore in PEI and in , her skeleton was transported 6, kilometres and reassembled for display at the new Beaty Biodiversity Museum in BC. From the Torngat Mountains of Newfoundland to the pingos of the Northwest Territories, this captivating title explores many of the fascinating places that make up Canada.

Historian Christopher Moore brings each province and territory to life, drawing together the history, politics, people, places and industries that have defined a nation. With an introduction by Janet Lunn and lavishly illustrated by award-winning illustrator Bill Slavin, this title was originally published in Our Choice Starred Selection. This bestselling volume has been redesigned, revised and updated! This second edition includes updated stats and records, new content about careers in hockey, the latest on equipment, expanded information on women's hockey plus twice as many photos as the original edition!

After a fire destroys the orphanage, Malou follows a single clue that takes her to the small town of Parry Sound. There she finds many young brown faces like hers. Are they relatives? Meet Maximus Todd! He's the kid who can't sit still! Of course, as soon as the match starts, Max gets a case of the Super Fidgets. If Max can't invent a secret game to calm those fidgets, it might cost his team the championship. Has fame changed Georgie forever? Brittany found her self-obeying as she walked across the thick piled carpet that dominated the large room, now made cosy by the dimly lit spotlights.

She felt the mattress yield softly to her light body as she took a place next to the beautiful adult. In spite of her natural confidence she had never experienced anything like the turmoil of emotions raging within her. I mean about me pinching your panties and pictures. Of course not darling. I know I seem a bit of a tough old stick. She shrugged. But you have to be in this world, and a single woman has to keep pushing to get anywhere, and to get people to take notice of her. Donna cleared her throat quietly.

Cocking her head to the side slightly, and seemingly in a sudden change of mood, she raised an eyebrow in a questioning glance. Does it meet with your approval? You look like a lady in the films. Donna flushed pleasantly at this piece of information. Donna was a little angel, even younger than her daughter; she was beginning to feel the same way as Susan did when it came to little girls. Very young girls at that, the very thought caused her new problems with her composure. Returning back to the present she smiled back at her lovely daughter.

She tossed her hair back over her shoulders as she looked at herself in the mirror. Their eyes looked in the mirror briefly before Brittany looked away. Ever since you started developing from a toddler into a beautiful little girl. Yet for all that you have such a special sexuality, sometimes I think that I could eat you. Her breath came out in a rush as she felt her arousal building. She reached over and brushed her dimpled cheek with a soft kiss. What I mean is, we can get ourselves into a lot of trouble if anyone else finds out about us. Do you understand? Donna was glad she seemed so uninhibited.

She paused. The next few years are going to be the richest of our lives. Now heavy breathing and the occasional fevered moan joined the sounds as the atmosphere became charged with passion. She broke the kiss with a loud plop, the girl whimpering as she did and with one quick movement the pink material was up off her shoulders to bare her slim chest and flat stomach. Stand up a sec. Brittany began to stand up and immediately felt her white panties sliding down her legs to the floor as the eager woman stripped her naked.

She stood without moving, noting the lust written across her Mothers face as her eyes devoured every inch of her beautiful pr-teen form. Blonde hair cascaded to her shoulders, framing an oval face and dimpled cheeks with a clear complexion like her Mothers. They both shared the same blue eyes, right down to the sparkling anticipation, which now shone from them both.

She had never looked at her daughter like this before. Her inner thighs moistened as her eyes moved down and took in the puffy lips of her immature vagina. The prodding of her swollen nipples as they pressed through the silken robe into her lower chest caused her to gasp out loud. Kisses rained down on her face, her chin and her throat to the accompaniment of breathless sighs from the eager woman as she combined licks and nibbles with hungry open-mouthed caresses. She grunted with satisfaction as she felt the effect she was having on her baby.

Brittany kicked her legs out as she felt the welcome invader slip into her pussy and wriggle around inside. She let out a series of gasps and sighs at the incredible sensations within her. Donna held the girls thighs and pushed them back further giving her access to her tight little butt hole, which now lay fully exposed before her. She leaned in closer and swiped her long tongue over the small rosebud until it glistened with salvia, and then gently pushed the tip past the tight ring and slowly fucked her rectum. By now the youngster was crying out in ecstasy as she pumped her tiny bottom into her Mothers face.

She squealed when Donna began to quicken the pace of her tongue, watching it plunge in to the hilt and invade her bowels, and then whip out again in a blur of motion. She kept it up for a few minutes more, the room now noisy with cries of passion and the slurping of her tongue inside the wet anus. Suddenly she switched to the girls cunt and resumed sucking and licking the little clitoris. Oohh yes, yes Aaahhhhhh! Now Now! She came as only a girl of that tender age can; lights began to flash in her head as she felt her insides turn to liquid, mistaking the sensation for pissing. Donna carried on slowly licking and kissing until the thrusts and sighs ceased, and then slowly pulled her tongue out as she felt her daughter collapse.

The woman slowly kissed her way up the shaking body until she reached her lips, and then kissed them tenderly before laying on her side with her chin resting on her hand. A sly smile touching her lips. Those pictures and your panties. Tell me everything you feel darling, I want to know exactly what you want from this relationship. She looked up at the woman and continued almost imploringly with her childish entreaty.

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Donna lay still, digesting the words and their clear implications. Her daughter, even at that age was a natural submissive and the thought made her pulse quicken as she began to envisage the kind of relationship this could lead to. She reached down and took a hold of the sash of her gown.

Are you okay if I take my robe off now baby?

You may have seen pictures of naked women before, but seeing a fully grown woman in the flesh is quite a different thing. Their eyes met for a second as she pulled at the sash and slid the dark gown away from her body. Her skin looked toned and lightly tanned, except for the pale conical breasts and angry pink nipples; which now stood smartly to attention. She sat down next to Brittany, and reached for her hand, Mother and daughter both naked together.

Brittany obeyed and tentatively reached forward to place her hand on the nearest, then waited to be told what to do next. Feel how the nipple stands up and goes hard when you touch it. Now do the same with the other one, run your hand over it, lift it up.

Pleased, Donna continued. The nipple felt hard and rubbery to her tongue, while the flesh it surmounted felt soft and smooth, but still firm as she closed her eyes and coed like a baby. The tone of her voice changed, as her words became more demanding, her cunt juicing in anticipation as she instructed the girl to go lower. Now watch as I open myself up for you. Lick it. How does it taste darling? I love it. Donna sighed and pushed her pelvis forward. Keep sweeping your tongue into me! Rub your lips against me as well and give me plenty of little kisses. Good girl keep at it. Press your face between my thighs and suck my clit hard!

Flick your tongue from side to side to excite my clitoris. Does it feel angry? Keep sucking! Keep going! Feel them close over your head. You like? Umm… Nod your head for yes honey. Good girl, I knew you would. You know you do! Feel my legs as they wrap around your back and hold you in. Her voice rose with excitement as she thrilled to the sound of her own lewd words.

Uh hugh! Yeaaahh darling, keep going! Go faster! Ohh God Yeah! Come on! Lick it! Oh fuck! Keep going…Keep it up, stay with me baby! Stay with me…here it comes! Donna paused briefly as she fought for breath. The same pattern was set for the rest of the night until eventually both could stand no more, and lay back exhausted to sleep. The next few days were like a honeymoon.

The morning after their long night of lovemaking, Donna phoned in sick for the next three days, then did the same for her daughter by speaking to her school and telling them she had the flu. They spent the rest of the morning sleeping until they both dragged themselves up for Donna to prepare them a large breakfast. They went shopping for the rest of the afternoon with Brittany whooping with joy at some of the new dolls her Mother bought her.

She wanted to go to bed again first and teach her how to make love to her behind. It was one of her favourite acts and she wanted to entice her young daughter into rimming her buttocks as soon as possible, hence the bribe of the two dolls. Leading Brittany by the hand she led her up the stairs to the bedroom where she quickly shed her clothes. When I stand in front of you I want you to lick and kiss the cheeks of my nice big bottom. How do you feel about that? The thought of being allowed to worship her beautiful Mother in such an exciting and unusual way made her little pussy throb through her panties.

It yielded to the pressure of her face, yet still felt firm to the touch. She stuck out her tongue, and at first tentatively licked up and down the surface. She felt goose pimples and in one or two places a couple of brown moles, which she twirled the tip around to savour. The flesh felt warm and still smelt beautiful from the body oil rubbed into it earlier, and she relished the feeling of the silky domes as she lapped them with her tongue, and began covering each one with a series of butterfly kisses, followed by wet open mouthed licks.

She felt her Mother push back as she rubbed her ass into her willing face, and opened her mouth wider, trying to fill it with the soft flesh. Donna began to churn her buttocks round and round into her face, so that any one viewing the scene, would have seen a beautiful woman with her head thrown back in ecstasy, grinding her buttocks into the obscured face of a young child.

For the first time in her life, she screamed during an orgasm, so much so that she scared Brittany so much, she tried to pull out, until her Mother begged her to carry on.

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The orgasm left Donna sobbing as she collapsed on to the bed and took her daughter in her arms. It was a shattering experience for both of them and for the next twenty minutes they both lay still until their breathing returned to normal. Finally Donna propped her head up from the pillow and kissed the girl softly on the lips as she smiled into her eyes. Brittany shook her head vigorously as though the very thought of her minding doing anything to make her Mother happy was unthinkable. I love you.

Donna reached a pillow over and placed it under her crotch, then buried her face in the other as she arched her proud buttocks into the air. Although she was married it belonged to her and had nothing to do with her husband. Susan presented a welcoming sight to viewers as she read the news most days of the week.

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Her attractive trim appearance gave the impression she was speaking to them personally, her blue intelligent eyes seemed to see through the camera straight in to theirs. They met once a week for discreet daytime sessions of lovemaking, both women had every Wednesday to themselves and made full use of it for their weekly tryst. Susan studied her friends face sensing a difference in her this week.

She reached over to stroke her hand as she gently probed. Susan raised her eyebrow knowingly. It could only be something wonderful, probably something very exciting to make Donna so agitated. In fact Donna had found the idea quite stimulating herself, but never to the extent that Susan had. Her breath caught in her throat as she waited for her to continue. For a while there was silence almost like the after effects of an explosion, and in a way it was. Donna leaned forward and kissed her.

When she had finished, Susan quietly stood up, took Donna by the hand and kissed her with a furious passion, which showed just how she felt. With that they began their slow progress to the bedroom. Slow because the two excited women could only get a few feet further before falling on each other, kissing passionately and pulling off items of clothing. By the time they flung the bedroom door open, they were both naked. They threw the silken covers back and began a session so frantic that both women lost all sense of time and place as the morning passed into afternoon and shadows began to fall across the large room.

But you have the opportunity of having someone fill those wishes now. It could be an accident. It could just happen. Donna eyes shone as she reached over and kissed her friend, smiling into her eyes she agreed to try it. As soon as the race ended Donna was on her way back home driving through the rain for a few days leave and time to spend with her beautiful daughter. Jean was a pleasant faced attractive woman with shoulder length curly blonde hair and sparkly green eyes that managed to keep her full figure in good shape.

Donna was glad to see you could still look good in your fifties if you were lucky, and maybe worked out a little and resolved to do the same herself when she had to. Would you like a drink? Donna must have looked tired, she certainly felt it and she was more than glad to accept a large gin and tonic when she put it into her hand. She thanked her as she called for the girls to come down stairs. It took some time for them to answer, but they finally did.

Both Mother and daughter smiled at each other and Donna could see the love in their eyes as it shone brightly for each other. She took her own daughter by the hand and led her to the door. The car resounded with excited chatter as Brittany recounted all the things she and Amanda had done during her three-day stay. It had all been such fun she said.

Donna glanced down from the road for a second the wipers waltzing across the screen as they swept aside the pattering rain, and her emotions flooded as she saw the pleading little eyes of the girl she loved twinkling in the dark of the car. Sometimes Mummy has to go away so she can earn us pennies. We need money to keep our house and give us somewhere to live. The last few days had taken their toll on Donna, it had been a tough work schedule with long hours of preparation sometimes from dawn to dusk and she needed her sleep. Unfortunately this meant Brittany being relegated to her own room for the night and a somewhat disappointing night for Brittany who had been relishing the thought of spending the night her Mother.

As the dispirited girl made her way to her room Donna followed her up the stairs and upon reaching the top turned her around and kissed her softly on the lips, promising it was only for tonight, and tomorrow would be very different. Goodnight Mummy. Brittany was totally awestruck by the animals and had the best afternoon of her life as she laughed and squealed at the antics of the chimpanzees, which were clearly her favourites.

She liked all of the animals, even the placid snakes in the reptile house which made her mother shudder. Donna took her for a pizza on the way home and watched as she devoured every morsel with relish; Donna only had an orange juice, explaining to Brittany how she had to watch her figure. Luckily the atmosphere buzzed with chatter in the full restaurant and nothing they said could be overheard from their small table in the corner of the room.

Brittany looked round and giggled as she crammed another mouthful in and began to munch it. Donna smiled and waited for the attack to subside and then continued talking in simple terms for the small child. I was very tired when I finished being on television, which is why I needed to sleep so much when I got home, and you had to sleep in your own bed. Now though….

Donna looked at her watch, it pointed to five minutes past five. Ideas began forming in her head of the kind of things she wanted to do with her young lover, one in particular taking root. A secret yearning of her own perhaps? Yes of course it was. Yes please. She could hardly wait to find out what it all meant. Two minutes later they were home, the key turned in the lock as the door slammed shut on the outside world leaving the two of them alone once more.

No words were spoken as the woman unbuttoned her coat and threw it over the banister rail then bent down to do the same for the child. Once inside she flicked on the main switch, throwing the large room into bright light instead of the usual romantic glow, then she began to undress.

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Brittany nodded nervously, excited now to the point of shaking. Get naked. Seconds later after a flurry of frantic activity she stood naked on the plush carpet amid a heap of discarded clothes. Now Donna resumed undressing, taking her time to divest her of her garments. Each button on her white blouse was unsnapped and pulled away with the slowest deliberation. A small smile played on her lips as she threw the top to the floor and reached down to unfasten the zipper of her pencil shaped skirt, the sound instantly recognisable in the silent room. It fell in a heap down her shapely legs to reveal silky dark stockings resting beneath a thrilly black suspender belt.

She sent the skirt flying across the room with what seemed like an almost lazy kick of her leg, and then reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, allowing her heavy breasts to spill out and bounce lewdly together.