The Strategic Planning Workbook

The Strategic Planning Workbook
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We see problems more clearly than possibilities, we start to mix up low priority activities with those that are more important, we end up making decisions that are expedient today, at the cost of future benefits. It is only natural. In order to get the most out of a strategic process, we need to think like a strategist, and this chapter helps you to deliberately raise your gaze to take in the bigger picture.

Strategic Planning Workbook

This chapter covers: How to think like a strategist The four really big strategic questions The four key tactical questions The four true operational questions. This chapter shows you where to find the data you need, and provides you with templates so that you can present this information in way that makes it meaningful and easy to interpret.

It is written assuming that you cannot give up your job and employ an army of researchers to help you, but rather use the kinds of data that are probably accessible right now or can be gathered reasonably easily. The analyses covered are: Customer analysis Potential customer analysis Competitor analysis Hallmarks of success analysis Environmental analysis Barriers to entry analysis Availability analysis Stakeholder analysis.

When you walk into a room that is untidy for the first time you really notice how much stuff is out of place. The same happens inside your business.

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You get so used to how it functions, that it is extremely difficult to get a detached view of where the gaps really exist, and what is causing them. This chapter provides you with processes to follow and templates to use that lay bare your business in a way that enables you to connect it with your best possible future and push performance to a higher level.

The Strategic Planning Workbook

This chapter describes the eight key decision making tools as they can be used in a strategic retreat. You learn what the tools do, how to use them with a group, and how to record the information so that it leads to insights. Reading the chapter and watching the video will put you in a position to run a successful event and make the right decisions.

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A comprehensive set of measures then confirms that those three questions have been properly answered. This chapter provides practical definition and examples of three statements, and shows how each contributes to success.

Strategic Planning Workbook – Free Download

It also provides a framework for designing an integrated set of measures. This chapter is about translating ideas into actions.

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Unifying themes shows you how to convert a lot of complex decisions made by a few people into a message that can be understood by all. This chapter tells you how you can find these unifying themes and how to choose the right one. The chapter covers four key generic strategies: cost versus differentiation customer driven competitor driven internal process driven.

Creating Your Strategic Plan A Workbook for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

This quick and easy to read three-book series of minibuks gives you an overview of the critical three-step process necessary to achieve breakthrough growth. This workbook is the essential first step for any type of critical business decision making.

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It lays the foundation for an accurate, objective and confident analysis, recommendation and ultimately, decision. This workbook is designed to give you tools to help identify what information you need to know, suggestions on where you might be able to find it and some ways to analyze its importance.

Is your organization ready for a change?

In other words, the important thing we hope to accomplish is to establish the discipline of conducting discovery before making critical business decisions. We have developed a workbook that walks your organization through the development of a strategic plan.

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The Strategic Planning Workbook is a practical, eclectic, pragmatic guide to creating a strategic plan. It defines strategic planning as gaining insights about. Editorial Reviews. Review. Business and management students (undergraduate and MBA The Strategic Planning Workbook - Kindle edition by Neville Lake.

By the time you finish the workbook, the strategic plan is complete! It incorporates the tools and examples that Margaret uses with her clients in on-site engagements, but can be completed independently by the client on their own time table. Want to see some sample pages? Read more.

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